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I'm a fluffy woman and I don't have a ton of neck definition. So basically your critique of my costume and photographer's skills really boiled down to a critique of my body in the costume, which I'm really not very interested in.

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I'm all about kinz, I have asked specifically for it before in this very thread! Sorry you're salty about it! Also I thought I'd broken a cosplay career milestone earlier today but now I'm getting Snatch Dustered. Kinz really do come true, every single day. Olive Garden tonight! I suppose that was an honest apology but it teen lesbian strapon porn as disingenuous to me, like saying 'I'm sorry you got mad at me'.

I apologize. Powered by: vBulletin Version 2. Then it's up to the creator of that IP tina decide to sue them or not. If they do they might win. They would have to decide whether the PR hit is worth the effort though.

But companies are probably within their legal rights to do something if they choose to. I think if I was a cosplayer who got sued I would try very hard to imply I was dressing up as that character as a tribute to the character, not as a representative of the brand.

Profile Post History. If they do that to a "professional cosplayer" I nude they would decide the PR damage would be worth that paltry thousands they might possibly be able to recoup in damages.

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Buchmesse leipzig cosplay wettbewerb. Jinxasmr patreon. Can we pay big tits reveal only one month. Banned there a. Textile Embed Credit Notes Past Clients and Projects include:. You may also check the section below for Model Mayhem models I have worked with and contact them through this site. NOTE: I have included all the models and artists on Mayhem that I have ever worked with tina the spirit of full disclosure.

Please note me for specific references. Model Mayhem! Designs Makeup Mayhem! Credited Photos. Toggle Worksafe Mode: Off On. Share your experience and become verified!


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tina kinz nude nda creampie I have a blast working with him! Your profolio is amazing!!!!!!! Absolutely love it!!!! I'll be back soon to see what is next! Toggle navigation.
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