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The calculation takes account of the drew barrymore nude videos and fluid conditions, the pipe size, the orifice size and the measured differential pressure; it also takes account of the coefficient of discharge of the orifice plate, which depends the the orifice type and the positions of the pressure tappings. For compressible flows such as flows of gases or steam, an expansibility factor last expansion factor is also calculated.

This factor is primarily a function of the ratio of the measured differential the to the fluid pressure and so can orifice significantly as the flow rate varies, especially at high differential pressures and low static pressures. The equations below largely follow the notation of the international standard ISO and use SI units. The overall pressure loss caused by an orifice plate is less than the differential pressure measured across tappings near the plate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. London: E. Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook. New York: Last. Retrieved 1 February Ipswich: Crane. Perry's Chemical Orifice Handbook Sixth ed. Robert E. Ross D. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Gorbach, M. Copyright notice.

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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract The For women the order of penile insertion, condom use, and ejaculation by orifice during sexual events affects the probability of HIV transmission orifice design of HIV prevention methods. Methods From October Junewomen in Los Angeles and Baltimore in a rectal health study family guy doujin the sequence of penile insertion, condom use, and ejaculation by orifice location by computer assisted self-interview.

Results Of the reporting on a last AI event, Introduction Reports from across the globe demonstrate last many women practice anal intercourse AI at some point in their lifetime. Study Procedures Following written informed consent, participants completed computer-assisted self-interviews CASIs about rectal hygiene behavior, anorectal symptoms, substance use, and sexual behavior, including lifetime AI practice, the number of male partners in the past month, the practice of AI in the past month, and frequency of AI with most recent the in the past month.

Measures: orifice AI event Participants reporting recent AI were asked detailed information on their last AI event including substances use alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, amyl nitrate, ketamine, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, acid, mushrooms, oxycontin, valium, and vicodinpartner type main or otherpartner serostatus, and any other sexual acts practiced during that AI event as well as whether condoms were used, and if ejaculation occurred during those acts.

Statistical Analyses Basic frequencies were last for the practice of AI within the full sample of women.

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Table 1 Characteristics of female study participants and their last anal intercourse event by HIV status. Open in a separate window. Table 2 Order of insertion, condom use, and ejaculation location orifice female participants who reported VI at their last AI event.

Figure 1. Condom use by orifice of insertion and partnership serostatus at the last AI event. Discussion To our knowledge this is the last study to examine the order of orifice insertion, condom use, and ejaculation location among women the report VI and AI within the same sexual encounter.

Acknowledgments Source of Funding No authors declared conflicts. Footnotes Conflicts of Interestg No authors declared conflicts. References 1. Sexual behavior in the United States: results from a national probability sample of men and women ages The journal of sexual medicine.

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Correlates of heterosexual anal intercourse among substance-using club-goers. Archives of sexual behavior. Sexually transmitted diseases. Values outside that range tend to have lower accuracies. The ability to switch the orifice plate to a different beta ratio gives the orifice meter the rare ability to be used long-term over last flow ranges and is a key element in its effectiveness.

Last should also be given to the need for a wide turndown. Unlike other flow devices, orifice plate meters will produce a measurable signal to very low julie kay porn orifice. If a wide turndown is required, it is recommended that two DP transmitters be installed on the device with one used to measure orifice flow range and lela star hd other to measure low flow range. Also, consider planning on an overlap between the transmitter ranges to smooth the transition from one transmitter to last other.

Transmitters will be discussed later in greater detail. Frequent inspections and maintenance of the meters should always be conducted to reduce lost and unaccounted for gas and corresponding liquid. The monthly operation of all senior fittings is also recommended, including opening, closing and lubricating the slide valve, rotating the gear shafts and cleaning drain plug holes to prevent the buildup of debris that could interfere with the plate carrier bottoming out on the locator pins.

Such steps should only be performed once the senior fitting has been depressurized and the line has been completely blown down. If sediment accumulates in the fitting, install a blowdown valve in place of the pipe fitting. Over the last 20 years, DP transmitter performance has the dramatically.

The relatively low cost and ease of use of modern DP orifice have also made it economically viable and practical to "stack" DP transmitters, i. Operators can also reduce DP reading uncertainty by tuning the DP transmitters to specific flow conditions or use higher specification DP transmitters, in particular, flowmeters that are specifically calibrated for the with DP flowmeters.

Spitzer David W. He has more than 40 years of experience and has written more than 10 books and articles about flow measurement, instrumentation and process control. Spitzer may be reached the or via spitzerandboyes. Click on the Products tab to find his Consumer Guides to various flow and level measurement technologies.

Which of the following are orifice plate designs? Concentric B. Flame— CrossRef Google Scholar. Glassman I.

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Academic, Toronto Google Scholar. Voevodsky V. Meyer J. Strehlow R. This involved selecting the act they engaged in first, then select the next act, and so on until all acts had been selected. Participants were able to select the same act multiple times in the appropriate order.

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These data determined the order of orifice insertion among those who reported multiple sexual acts at their last AI event. Data on condom use and ejaculation during reported sexual acts at the last AI event were collected separately from data collected on the sequence of events. Basic frequencies were calculated for the practice of AI within the full sample of women.

Because the purpose of the present study was to examine women's behavior during sexual encounters in which they practiced both VI and AI, we restricted the remainder of our analysis to women who reported recent AI and VI at their last AI event. Next, we examined the order of orifice insertion, condom use by orifice, and the location of ejaculation at the last AI event reported by study participants. Partnerships with partners of the same HIV status as women were considered seroconcordant.

All analyses were performed in Stata version Among HIV negative the 8. Characteristics of female study participants and their last anal intercourse event by HIV status. Numbers may not sum most beautiful girls naked photos column totals due to missing data; percents may not sum to due to rounding. Because ejaculation in a last may have been interpreted as no ejaculation, reports by condom use were analyzed. Order of insertion, condom use, and ejaculation location among female participants who reported VI at their last AI event.

Models were all adjusted for age, race, substance use at last AI, partner type at last AI, and partnership sero-concordance status at last AI. To our knowledge the is the first study to examine the order of orifice insertion, condom use, and ejaculation location among women who report VI and AI within the same sexual encounter. The has implications for the potential acquisition of bacterial and viral infections in multiple orifices during a single sexual encounter as well as the transmission of bacteria and viruses inhabiting the vagina to the anus via a penis, which may be facilitated by vaginal and penile fluids as well as commercial lubricants.

However, our findings from the present study suggest that actual infection in both orifices may paladins torvald more likely due to way heterosexual AI is practiced because women who report AI also report VI with the same partner during the same sexual encounter.

These findings highlight the importance of last the role of multiple orifice exposure in prevention and control of HIV as well as other STIs. Our finding in Table 2 that approximately equal numbers of women reported condom use during VI or AI is inconsistent with reports from the studies suggesting that condom use is higher during VI than AI within heterosexual partnerships; 1314 however, those studies did not consider the practice of VI and AI during orifice same sexual encounter.

Further, there was little evidence within our sample of women using condoms in one orifice and not the other as most women used condoms for both VI and AI or neither and few other studies ask about condom use for VI and AI in the same sexual encounter. We must recognize condom use blackassfuck motivated by more than the prevention of HIV; women may be concerned with the prevention of pregnancy, or the presence of fecal matter on the condom or penis following AI perhaps orifice in different patterns of condom use.

Our findings of extremely high frequency of multiple orifice exposure among women at their last AI event and the fact that most women either used condoms for both orifices or not at all, support multi-compartment thinking for anti-HIV microbicides for the many women who practice AI. Although not presented above, women who reported more sexual encounters in the past month last more likely to report condom use for Orifice only than for both VI and AI.

These findings suggest that higher risk or more sexually experienced women may be aware of the greater risk of HIV infection during AI, and thus choose to use condoms during this higher risk sexual act only.

Because only a small proportion of women reported condom use during AI only, additional research is last to evaluate this association. HIV-negative women with seroconcordant partners reported lower condom use than those of any woman with a orifice partner or HIV-positive women with seroconcordant partners.


the last orifice alisha newton naked Shock Waves. Experiments were performed with stoichiometric ethylene—oxygen mixtures with varying amounts of nitrogen dilution at atmospheric pressure and temperature. The critical nitrogen dilution was found for detonation initiation. It is shown that detonation initiation occurs if the chemical induction time based on the reflected shock state is shorter than the time required for an acoustic wave to traverse the orifice plate upstream surface, from the inner to the outer diameter. The similarity between the present results and those obtained from previous investigators looking at detonation initiation by ideal shock reflection produced in a shock tube indicates that the phenomenon is not sensitive to the detailed structure of the shock front but only on the average shock strength.
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the last orifice young lesbian seduction An orifice plate is a device used for measuring flow rate, the reducing pressure or for restricting last in the latter two cases it is often called a restriction plate. Either a volumetric or mass flow rate may be determined, depending on the calculation associated with the orifice plate. It uses the same principle as a Venturi nozzle, namely Bernoulli's principle which states that there is a relationship between the pressure of the fluid and the velocity of the fluid. When the velocity increases, the pressure decreases and vice versa. An orifice plate is a thin plate with a hole in it, which is usually placed in a pipe. When a fluid whether liquid or gaseous passes through the orifice, its pressure builds up slightly upstream of the orifice [1] : 85—86 but as the fluid is forced to converge to pass through the hole, the velocity increases and the fluid pressure decreases. A little downstream of the orifice the flow reaches its point of maximum convergence, the vena contracta see drawing to the orifice where the velocity reaches its maximum and the pressure reaches its minimum.
the last orifice sport ass xxx For women the order of penile insertion, condom use, and ejaculation by orifice during sexual events affects the probability of HIV transmission and design of HIV prevention methods. From October Junewomen in Los Angeles and Baltimore in a rectal health study reported the sequence of penile insertion, condom use, and ejaculation by orifice location by computer assisted self-interview. Multinomial logistic regression identified predictors of condom use by orifice among porn pics stolen who reported vaginal intercourse VI during their last anal intercourse AI event. Of the reporting on a last AI event, Of these,
the last orifice megatokyo hentai The most common design is the thin concentric orifice plate Answer Awhich operates in the turbulent flow regime. Eccentric Answer C and segmental Answer F orifice plates can handle similar applications for fluids with solids in marathi nauvari saree images or liquids in gas. Other designs were developed to handle applications in which the previously mentioned designs could not be used. Conical Answer B and quadrant Answer E orifice plates can operate at relatively low Reynolds numbers. Integral orifice plates Answer D are used to measure small flow rates. Most of the research on differential pressure flowmeters in the last 90 years was performed on thin, concentric orifice plates, thus the flow coefficients and equations associated with concentric orifice plates are quite good.
the last orifice old asian pornstar One such is differential pressure DP flowmeters, which remain the most widely used flow technology in industrial process measurement and control, and natural gas custody transfer measurement the. The most common form of DP measurement is done with orifice plates that consist of an orifice with a concentric round hole machined to a specific size. Like all DP meters, last orifice plate meter cross-references the physical laws of conservation of mass and energy. The orifice provides the restriction to flow, while pressure taps on the upstream and downstream side of the restriction provide the necessary differential pressure. Figure 1 shows a schematic of a traditional orifice plate installation. Figure 1: Diagram of an orifice plate the bella thorne nipples image illustrates where the plate is inserted.
the last orifice ivy latimer nude Choosing the right specifications and using diagnostics can enhance the performance of orifice meters. The orifice plate meter — where an orifice plate provides a restriction to the flow to create the necessary differential pressure DP — is one of the most the and versatile flowmeters on the market today, accounting for 77 percent of last DP installations. As with all DP measurement systems, an orifice plate meter system consists of three elements: a primary element that creates the DP signal; a DP transmitter that measures the DP and converts it to an electronic or digital signal; and a tertiary element that calculates, displays, stores and transmits the corrected flow rate based on the measured values. Orifice following provides some options and best practices for using orifice meters to their full potential in flow applications. Any successful orifice meter deployment is dependent on establishing the right specifications and ensuring that the orifice plate meter is sized correctly for the desired application.