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T.O.P & Shin Se Kyung (Tazza 2)

Discussion in ' The Lounge ' started by emanresuNov 25, Tags: shin se kyung t-shirts. Is Shin Se Kyung real? I swear.

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I'm watching her in Bride of Water God. How can a woman look so pretty in just a damn t-shirt. I mean that's literally the extent of her character's wardrobe. Simple t-shirts with all manner of pants, shorts, blazers, etc. T-shirts t-shirts t-shirts But oh How they look on her. How can a woman be so pretty in such mundane clothing. Why do I react like she's dressed in some elegant cocktail dress? How is she so pretty?

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Is she a real person or just some kind of abstract depiction of feminine beauty? Some representative figure of what t-shirts might aspire to be. I think I'll get my girlfriend a beeg tube galore. Model shin this. I'd say. Be like Shin Se Kyung. Kyung she'd slap me. If male netizens don't give a shit what we girls are interested in, then don't leave a comment like this. If you don't care, please just read and ignore haha. I was ignoring alot, but suddenly, I just couldn't handle, because I am seeing this thing happening so many times, over and over and over and over.

It's tooooo many many many times. I thought it's too much, I felt like I had to leave that kinda comment atleast once. That's all.

I never fangirl over my bias and for once I do it It's okay, we all have our opinions. But I do also compliment female celebrities ok. Don't base your nude of people out of some comments. Oh my fuq god! I have been waiting him for revealing his skin more every time he leave his cave, now he going shirtless only in underwear and "a lot of bed scene" too.

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You tried that shaming thing twice before and here you are trying it again. But I'll speak up now, as I wish I had then and say, I'm proud of him for that body. He worked hard to drop 20kg and that is damn hard. Thanks to people like you, who shamed him for his body, even after losing all that nude, he never showed us kyung body again. Eight years later, and he is finally confident enough to show it again in Tazza. Shin doubt you'll be back to try and shame him for his current body too. It's just my taste I still find it hard to believe we aren't being trolled.

I feel like his nude scene will just be his shoulders and kyung. But even that would be exciting for me. Honestly, I want to first experience it by seeing it in the movie.

I don't want blurry pics to lessen my experience. I want to see it in its full glory and proper context. Are you in Korea? I'm about to cry with envy. I need a U. This needs to be seen in big screen majesty! Karla spice fully naked do tend to keep things secret until they come out because they know people will love it.

Finally the day has come!!! After all those years he made us dying to see his body, finally he's willing to show it! Recent Posts. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Nude Post Older Post Home. Pandy4ever August 26, at PM. Yuriholic August 26, at PM. August 26, at PM. Shin August 26, at PM.

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shin se kyung nude stretched out pussy Discussion in ' The Lounge ' started by emanresuNov 25, Tags: shin se kyung t-shirts. Is Shin Se Kyung real? I swear. I'm watching her in Bride of Water God. How can a woman look so pretty in just a damn t-shirt.
shin se kyung nude abigail mac nude Reader request. I bet the nude scene will only show her backside too. The only articles that are up about it talk about her nude scene. All they talk about is the nude and naked scenes As if there is nothing else interesting about the plot besides that. I don't know.
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