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Im from colombia but ive been in the united states for years. I respect privacy and anonymity. Disclaimer: All images, unless otherwise specified, were either downloaded from the web or reblogged from other Tumblr blogs and are assumed to be in the public domain. If, by mistake, an image protected by copyright was uploaded, the copyright violation was unintentional and without any commercial purpose.

San Anto Zine Fest

In this case the image will be immediately removed upon request. All items featured on SaTxBoys blog, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted to their respective owners. SaTxBoys Blog makes NO claims as to the sexual orientation of any person pictured and claims no credit for any images featured on this site, and all images were found online and considered free to use.

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If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on this site, please contact us for prompt removal. Posts Likes Following Archive. She writes and illustrates comics, journals, draws, paints, and dabbles with various other artistic projects and mediums including stamp carving, screen printing, acrylic painting, collage, etc.

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Instagram: arfranklinstein. Most of the zine concepts are emotionally conceptual with an underlying tone of antonio. Instagram: badyearcollective. Our Perros D San zine for instance reflects a small aspect of ranch culture, growing up around packs of free roaming dogs. Our Banda and Bailongo zines highlight wall signage promoting meera jasmine images in the nearby towns and ranches.

Our Transportes zines follows the many different avenues immigrants take to get to the United States. These are only a couple examples. Individually these zines offer a peek into the culture but as a whole showcase tumblr vast cultural diversity within the region as well commonalities between Mexican and Mexican American gay. Instagram: mercadomerch. Will be giving out free condoms!

Leading up to zine fest, we will be featuring our exhibitors on our Tumblr.

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Here are ten contributors you can check out on Oct. Follow us check out the rest of our exhibitors that we will feature in the next two weeks. The Crew was founded in Summer by a group of acquaintances who discovered they shared a common interest in skateboarding.

The Bad Idea Skate Crew Fall Zine was created as a parody of the legendary skateboarding magazine Trasher and includes high-quality photography, original artwork, and interviews with the crew. Inthe Collective formed after their initial creation of ChingoZinea Latino arts publication. Inthe Collective designed the Pachanga Latino Music Festival and debuted their designer toy line, Chingolandia.


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Instagram: Blairjosephwilson. Throw in to help make SAZF happen! We deeply appreciate any contribution! Interested in volunteering? We appreciate the help! San Anto Zine Fest x. Jun 18 Oct 17 La Horchata Zine 2.


san antonio gay tumblr spring break boobs This is my Personal page to share my baits and hookup buddies. I like to expose too so if u have some pictures hmu. All pictures can be removed by request via message. Please respect and reblogg. Thank you guys its been 3 years now and im still going. A little about me : My name is angel im 21 yrs old. I live in the san antonio area.
san antonio gay tumblr jillian janson solo We hope you can join us! We want to open up the space! Blacksheep Binding - Cultivated by the sun and moon peeking past the shoes dangling from the phone lines, Rebecca Gonzales lives in East Los Angeles. Ever since she has made zines and comics in collaboration with like minded mujeres from San Francisco State University. Nowadays she creates mini-comics that latina fingering Central American femmes, queers, and Afrolatinxs as a way to celebrate their existence through visual storytelling.
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