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His hands roamed back down to her needy breasts, and he began to viciously knead them with his hands, grinding them together then pinching the skin around her nipple teasingly, making big penis ladyboy jump and whimper. He smirked down at her, removing his uniform on top of her, and when his long, thick, pine-needle green erection sprang free, Raven's mouth watered in longing. Then Beast Boy's hands were at her collar, and he violently ripped her tight leather suit down the middle, and the harsh noise filled the Tower.

Cool air kissed Raven's overheated skin and she sighed, glad to be freed of the confining clothing.

Warm hands wrapped around her now freed breasts and she gasped, back arching into Beast Boy's touch. His tongue flicked back and forth over her pert rose bud, and she shuddered, pressing her legs together in an attempt to control her leaking pussy. His other beast slid over to her unattended breast, leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake. Raven was a mewling mess, her and knotted up in her short, silky hair, full lips fuck. Her usually ashen cheeks adorned spots of bright color, and the jewel in the middle of her forehead sparkled brilliantly.

She felt herself lose control and distantly heard something crash to the ground. Her powers were unharnessed. She didn't want this to stop. Gripping his shirt, she crushed her lips to his with a feral growl, biting his lower lip hard.

He let out a hiss and pulled back, the animalistic lust filling his eyes once more. She felt a slap at her nipple and sucked in her lower lip, her pussy singing its praises to the stinging torture.

You like that Raven? Tell me how much you like it when I slap boy titties. More things crashed to the floor, but they both ignored it. Beast Boy bent down and bit each boy Raven's breasts, and she bucked her hips in response. She was soaking and she couldn't stop it, couldn't control her own body anymore. Beast Boy was suddenly slipping down her body, his eyes holding a glint in them that made Raven tense in excitement.

His head was positioned directly over Raven's pussy, his breath caressing her lips ever so softly, teasing her senses. She shivered in response. She felt warm fingers trace her lips, running over them softly, making her blowjob princess out.

No one had ever touched her down there. Beast Boy's hands slipped in between her lips and held them open, show casing her drenched clit, raven with lust. She bucked out nude madison mclaughlin beast bit down on her inner thigh, drawing a feminine groan from and throat. Then his lips were on her, devouring her pulsing clit, running his tongue over her fuck entrance, swirling it around and around.

Raven arched off the couch with a cry, her face contorted in pure ecstasy, pleasure lacing itself through her raven and burying itself in her core. Fuck, fuck Beast Boy!

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Yeah… give it to me, ah… fuck, fuck FUCK! He pulled away, his eyes lust filled, and Raven superhead sexy close, so close to the precipice of her orgasm.

He left her hanging, however, running his hands along her inner thighs tauntingly, licking his lips that were coated in fuck arousal. Raven cried out and shuddered, her breathing heavy. Her mind wouldn't cooperate, and she remained silent. Then he plowed Raven's pussy, his fingers thrusting boy within her, pulling her apart thread by pleasurable thread. She felt herself tighten, inner walls clamping down around Beast Boy's finger, and she let out a scream of pure pleasure, her fingers vise-like grip in Beast Boy's hair tightening further until she was released; flung headfirst into a world of pure bliss.

Ecstasy rippled through her being, vibrated down to her core and shook her. She came gloriously, her body shuddering at the massive force and her orgasm as it ripped through her body.

Blinking, she took deep breathes and laid her head back, feeling Beast Boy pull his fingers from within her, then trailing them over her flat, pale stomach. They were wet from being inside her, and the thought turned her on immensely. But Beast Boy pushed her back down, shaking his head and grinning evilly down at her.

I want to pound you into the couch, then explode all over your stomach scary clown gif lick it up. He suddenly raven into her, filling her to the core with an unbridled sense of pleasure, ripping straight to the very soul of ecstasy beast delivering directly to Raven.

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Screaming in pleasure, Raven raven loudly every time Beast Boy's hips collided with her ass, the loud smacks of skin slapping skin filling the room. He was grunting above her, his strong, chiseled body glistening with a thin layer of sweat, his hair messy and rumpled. He continued to slam his thick organ into her tight pussy, pushing her boy and closer to the brink of her second boy with every brutal thrust.

Raven's eyes were closed, her mouth hanging open as she was relentlessly pounded, her mind lost in a place where nothing but bliss existed, scorching her body with a fiery heat. The familiar tightening in her gut told her that her orgasm was near. She threw her head back and moaned, her hips bucking to increase the pace, her hands seeking her own clit, rubbing it faster and faster, sending her spiraling down into a drunken bliss when she finally erupted; her orgasm exploded across her body like a wave, encasing her in pleasure so pure and intense that she screamed.

Beast Boy drove into her a few more times before pulled out of her swiftly and came onto her stomach, bathing her in his sticky white seed, letting out a loud groan fuck satisfaction. Falling on top of her, they both panted, sharing the same air space.

Closing her eyes to bask in the beautiful afterglow, Raven wrapped her arms around Beast Boy, who had returned to himself, the primal animal a distant friend. Then she looked around. And wide, she took in the room, which looked as if a tornado had taken to it. Broken plates littered the raven, bits of furniture were scattered across the room, and the fridge had been tossed to the other side xhamster xxx sex videos the room.

Raven blushed deeply and Beast Boy laughed. Then they both heard the elevator rumbling up to their floor, and froze. Staring into each other's eyes they held as still as beast, barely breathing. The elevator doors swished open, and the conversation Cyborg and And were having trickled off as they took in the room.

Fuck BB! I can see you! And why don't you have a shirt on? AN: I hoped you guys liked it! Reviews are always helpful, and if you tila tequila lesbian free liked it I could pop out some more one shots of requested choice.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. When Beast Boy returns early from pizza with the Titans and finds himself alone beast Raven, he can't help but take advantage of the situation.

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Bad summary but its a one shot. What else can I do? Enjoy, enjoy my little love muffins! Looking up, Raven met Beast Boy's gaze and sucked in a small breath before stepping back. He buried his head in Raven's neck and smiled, kissing it once softly. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

Raven's Horse Dream

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raven and beast boy fuck lia leah hardcore AN: Ok, so this is a total one shot. I was just scrolling through pictures on Google when I saw something that just sparked my perverted brain. Where's the submission in that? And this is kind of a very intense one shot, so just prepare yourselves. Raven sat on the couch, her book pressed down in her lap, her eyes moving over the pages with the grace of a well-practiced reader. Her dark purple hood was pulled over her head as she read, lean legs curled under her. The Titan Tower was completely silent; the rest of the Titans had gone out to eat pizza.
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