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Her family agrees with me but her nut job mother is hurt because I would rather her not go that miss a fucking birthday party. Well cunt, I am sorry you give a fuck more about my wife showing up to a party that her safety driving 8 hours with a toddler by herself. I am pissed off and keep arguing with her and she just doesn't give a fuck. Despite the dangers involved, she is just gonna be reckless and go. We keep arguing but she doesn't fucking care. I am beyond pissed off. I would so be fucking divorced if it wasn't for my kid and the one on the way.

Apr 14, Choke her a little. You married Piers Morgan? NuttyJim said:. DanaReevesLungs I can keep rhythm with no metronome More and more I hear horror stories and am thankful I got out of two marriages intact. I got home last night after being gone almost a week, and she wouldn't even let me hold her when we went pornhuk bed, much less give me any sex.

When I asked her what was wrong, she replied, "I don't know milena velba pics. She hasn't had one kind word to say to me since I got home. It sucks not feeling welcome in my own house that I work very hard for and I give everything to her and the kids. She is so unappreciative. I think she could be officially cunt as a wife.

I talked to her at least 3 times a day more on most days. I don't know what her problem is, but I'm sick of it. This has been going on for a while. If she wants to know me, she has to talk to me. And by talk, I mean adult talk, not yelling and throwing tantrums like a 2-year-old.

Therapy is expensive, but ranting is by donation...

I've had enough. I have been married for 8 yrs and i'm in the military. My wife is very tolerable of my absence from the house and works her but off to take care of the family while i'm gone. When i'm home though, it's like I don't fit in, and I do things as much as i can. She is wife a miserable person, i guess. Nothing I do changes the shitty attitude, and 8 o'clock seperation. After the kids go to bed, she's ill, tired, has a headache, whatever she comes up with for a reason to bitch about shit.

Life is actually pretty good, she just can't see it through her nonsense. It's not like she does more than i do around here. She just needs to go to the doctor or some shit to deal with her issues. I try to talk but get no return. She does fine when you are away because she likes it better when you are not there. I know this sounds cruel and I hate saying that to you.

I bet you already know this, but she is selfish and you being there only gets in her way. Today I spent the morning Dismantling a swing set then went and picked up a new one loaded it in the car and assembled it in the yard. I then took the old one down qp porn tip and hung out three loads of washing.

All this when my partner was with her daughter at netball. I live with her and three kids which are not mine. When she got home she just gave me crap about the garbage not being put out and missing collection.

That apparently is my fault although she has very functional arms and legs! She is always whinging and whining.

According to her I never do anything but seem to always spend my life running around for her and working my butt off domestically as well as at work. She is such an ungrateful bitch! Holy fuck, you sound like me man. Special place in heaven reserved for us sufferers, at least I hope. If there old wife fuck a god in this universe. No, there is a special place in hell where you are punished for having such tiny balls that you let your life be ruined by some skanky slag bitch.

Grow a cunt and live your life. There's no reward later or now for being a spineless little twat. My bitch is a cold fucking thing that puts our relationship behind everything and wife else.

Her family is just as bad, but if I defend anything negative said about me I am the prick. The latest fucking cherry on top was she forgot our 13 anniversary, even after I spent the last week discussing what she would like to do for a meal to celebrate. Her response when I present her with a gift that night; "I forgot, how about some sex to make up for it"! Thats something special for our anniversary. Maybe I should present my cock with a ribbon around it to her for her birthday? They think just because they have a twat between their legs they can get away with anything.

I found this site via googling "My wife is a bitch" as I am thinking about mine who also doesnt do a fucking thing around here but stress everyone with her bitching and bossing. Karrueche nude was watching TV while she was playing some games and kinda kept falling asleep with my daughter in my arms while she was watching Disney Jr. Every 30 minutes resetting the show to another copy on the DVR.

Well, I realized I could use a real nap, so I put our daughter on the couch and left her to watch and went up stairs to lay down leaving my wife doing her facebook stuff and my daughter watching TV. Not more than 10 minutes after I went upstairs my wife comes in saying "oh, you're up here? I was coming up to take a nap". To which I responded Can she go get her and we can see if she will take a nap too? Of course her answer is no because she is already up here The last two weekends we had family events that she shuffled her feet about until I finally left LATE without her.

Sometimes that happens when its her family event even. Every day of the work week I get the kids up, I get them dressed and ready, and I physically drop one at school and one at daycare and then pick them up at the end of the day. She always has some excuse why she cant do any one of the things. She literally does not help soi cowboy nude anything. After a while the shit gets tiring Honestly, the word bitch is generally not enough Could cover incidents related to this for hours.

Once you have kids cunt get a certain again I've been reading these blogs because i am cunt of my cunt wife. I do everything adriana chechik 1080p the house and get no respect.

She is wife absolute bitch!!!! She called me just now complaining she couldn't find something at the house I never touched it the stupid bitch probably put it somewhere herself. Selfish insufferable bitch. I am getting to the point where I can't stand to 141jav look at the cunt.

My a-hole wife holds the heavy weight title- Super Bitch. She also holds the title to the cars and the house. If she had a sister I'd do my best to fuck her.

Relationship Rant: My Wife The Bitch (Parental Advisory Warning-Language)

Her mother smells She threw a clock radio at me yesterday thats how I came to this site. I moved just in time and it hit her shitpokepoll crappy little dog. My wife always said she wanted to spend her 50th. So we went. I wanted to spend mine latest anal scenes Switzerland. I spent it at our house. She once announced she was going to knit a sweater for me for Christmas. It was never finished. Instead she knitted a sweater for herself.

Her excuse I never asked her to knit me a sweater in the first place. We have talked. No good.

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She lies. She promised to have sex once a week. That didn't happen. So I calming talked to her about it and suggested she cook a meal once a week for me. That happened 3 times and then she started bitching about that.

Her decision that she should have control of her own money. She owed the money for 5 years. Only after her Mom died and her house was sold could she repay me.

I think the ultimate was that she lightning mcqueen porn her bitch of a sister to wife her Mom's finances after her Dad died. She never once questioned her sister about money spent. Her sister spent every penny her Dad had saved to take care of his wife, their Mom.

Cunt when their Mom died neither of them had any money to bury their own Mother!!! They would have put it on a credit card and paid a boatload of interest! I could go on and on. I stay because I have too much invested in the house and property. Frank Zappa said it best " ladies can be assholes too" stupid cunt hypocrites!!! Good luck fellas theyre all fucked up one way or another. This blog is great. Keep up the post so i can keep laughing. I have been married for almost a year and now i am being ready to do five years in prison for selling dope.

Dick Responds: The Mid-Wife Crisis

So when i go i assume she will move on to the next sack of dope. But that's life in this lifestyle. She is 12 years my younger and i am She is drop dead gorgeous that's why i married her plus fun to be around. So i don't have much to say on the danna garcia naked part that no one out there does not know about our what cunt with being married. My wife is an ice queen too. Married 5 yrs and shes just an emotionless robot.

I do all the housework as I always have while she spends more time outside smoking cigarettes and trashing me on wife than she does with our child. She dosnt treat me like a bf much less a husband.

She wont kiss me or show any effection and wont give me head or anal. Seriously 5 yrs and we've had anal once and if she does give me shitty head I have to rub her back or sumthin first. I wish I could leave but I live in a nazi state that will fuck me in the divorce. The bitch has no tits but a nice ass and I'm a breast man.

She will never change and I'm stuck in this loveless sexless marraige until one of is is dead. OK, firstly: she's got no tits, you like tits and you married her. You "need to be satisfied once a day". And by the way: I am a guy, I am married. I jack off. Sometimes when I am not in the mood, my wife takes care of her own needs. The rest of the time we meet in the middle.

You're a cunt asshole and I will guarantee you have never given your wife an orgasm. In wife world all we need is a puppy a prostitute and a microwave. My wife is such a miserable cunt, it's laughable.

She turns everything into an argument and she always has to be right. I only keep her around for the sex. Not that it's any good - she just lays there. Addicted mature in a hawt act. Watch while a real man fucks your wife. Fisting my wifes huge cunt till she orgasms. Smashing young amateur teen's tight hairy sloppy wet pussy bareback close-up. Sleeping Wife Hairy Ass and Pussy. Fucking old cunt her sister record.

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Yes ladies, we get it. Men sleeping around is like a new Rocky sequel. Fuck you, Ellen. Children talk about dumb bullshit all day. They make you a little pissed off and that makes you kick ass.

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my wife is a cunt sam from icarly nude pics Marriage is a daily compromise of your money, time, and happiness for the senseless whims of some unpredictable bitch who stopped maturing when she started menstruating. Today, I have a new reason why none of you men should get married. And that reason comes from the last place you would ever expect: Oprah Magazine. Gentlemen, I present the Mid-Wife Crisis. Get ready to see a journalist package self-loathing and selfishness as introspection — and then sell that shit to the dumbest bunch actress nagma naked cows on Earth: readers of Oprah Magazine.
my wife is a cunt tomb raider porn Everyone is welcome to come and share all their relationship rants with me and my visitors. You will hear all about my very own rants, and we can all let a little steam off, and have a great laugh. I think it's unfortunate that your wife is unappreciative but maybe you should try talking to her BEFORE you feel this way. If you are genuinely tempted to cheat because of her behavior then perhaps telling her how you feel would be beneficial. Tell her you feel like she doesn't acknowledge the good things that you do and it's discouraging for you but DONT tell her when you're angry or she's angry. Tell her at a neutral time so that she's more receptive to what you're saying. I'm sorry that you are so frustrated and I hope that you can remember why you married her in the first place, never resort to infidelity
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