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Part One Their relationship so far had been passionate, fun, and sexy, but Maria knew that much of that had been driven by Alan's fantasies, with which literotica gladly participated. Recently, Maria had decided that she wanted to take a more active role in shaping their love life, and had found her inspiration in gone wild 40 plus most A few weeks back, in a humorous but surprisingly sexy attempt to get her comfortable with switching from her previous, female, doctor to a male one that was covered by her HMO, Alan had dressed himself up for a fantasy where he "examined" her with a latex glove in all her intimate places.

Something about the feel of that latex glove sliding latex and in her body had sparked something hot inside her, something different.

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After a quick consult with one of her kinkier friends, she had dreamed up a scenario sure to spice things up and assert her own sexual flavor to their lovemaking. While shopping online for the perfect outfit, she came across a set of pink latex opera gloves and thigh high stockings; a pink almost alive in it's electric vibrancy, one which brought all sorts of naughty thoughts to mind regarding things sweet and virginal with a dirty twist.

Given that her petite 5'3" frame, heart shaped face, big eyes, full, pouted lips, and high, cute voice had literotica her seem years younger even late into her twenties, she felt that it matched nicely literotica was asian babe fucked to show Alan that despite her looks, she was an experienced lover with penis video tumblr passions.

To compliment the gloves and stockings she chose an outfit she was sure he'd never expect: a pink latex corset top with optional, inflatable breasts and an indecently high matching mini-skirt complete with petticoat ruffles. She'd chosen literotica night to wear it when she knew he'd be home late, and when he called one Friday to cancel latex dinner date because his boss had requested that his whole team stay late to finish out a deal, she knew her time had come.

Telling him not to worry, that she'd cook up something nice at her place and that he should come over whenever he was done, she left work early and headed to pick up some special lubricant that her kinky friend had suggested she use to ease her donning. At the drug store, she grabbed the big bottle of water-based lube and ran to the checkout line to have as much time as possible to get ready.

Waiting in line she saw all the Christmas decorations out and right there, on the counter next to the register was a display of those old-fashioned, huge peppermint sticks.

Like a miniature barber pole, almost a foot long and easily an inch wide, she smiled evilly as she realized how to complete her image tonight.

The clerk eyed her oddly as she paid for her lube and the trio of large confections, but she was beyond caring, already thinking ahead to her perfect fantasy. At home, with everything ready for a late latex late, naked lesbains she had anything to say about it dinner, she took a shower, and took an hour to put her long, silky black hair up into ringlets.

She applied a thick cover of blush, bright red smudge-proof lipstick, and enough mascara to make her eyes seem overlarge in her now almost cherubic face. Maria laid out all her latex on the bed with the lube and recalled her friend's instructions.

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Farrah dahl bio a little nervous, and slightly aroused by the thought of what she was about to put on, she pushed through the butterflies bouncing around in her tummy and poured a generous amount of lube into one hand.

Liberally, she literotica it all up and down her other arm until it was slick to the touch. Drying her hand on a nearby towel she'd laid out to clean up the excess lube she grabbed the first glove and slowly slid it up her arm. The sensation of the wet latex slipping up and across her arm was delicious, and her eyes half-lidded in appreciation, but it was when her fingers latex slipped in the hand of the glove that she felt this incredible, warm, wet, grasping sensation all the way up her arm starting with the tips of her fingers literotica it's way through latex palm and across the back of her hand.

She marveled at this sweet, wet, tightness and the way the dusky pink looked on her lightly tanned skin. There seemed to be little pulses of electricity flowing out her arm and down her body straight between her legs and she felt her body clench sensually.

All this from one glove, she thought?

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As Maria began literotica lube into her now gloved hand in order to similarly moisten her other arm she noticed a curious glistening in her hand which she made a mental note of as the lube slid across the fabric. Sarah grabbed the nearby bedside lamp and swung it at Nikki. It hit him on the side of the head and his vision went black. When he awoke, he found himself tied to his bed. Still dressed in the suit, he started to panic. Something had been put in his mouth so he couldn't even scream for help. Well I'm going to make that happen any way Literotica can.

Nikki started to cry. This was out of his control. It had been latex drunken mistake on his part in the first place where he'd said things in the heat of the moment that he hadn't meant, and now it was too late. Sarah then placed herself on top of Nikki. Inserting his erect penis back in to her vagina. Staring the rocking motion again until she'd kate upton bikini wallpaper up her rhythm.

Nikki moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He didn't know what to think or feel. Having sex with his mom in the sober light of day was wrong, yet it felt so great. Sarah placed her hands to his face and removed the gag from his mouth. With her left hand, she placed it in Nikki's mouth and started stroking his tongue until her fingers were completely wet. She then replaced the gag and reached down. Maintaining her sexual authority with her son still inside her. Sarah then inserted her fingers ring deep in to Nikki's arsehole so that he screamed and twisted as much as he could, but it was no use.

No-one could hear him and he was tied to the bed so he couldn't move. His mom was fingerring his anus in and out and he was helpless. Mommy wants your love. He sent burst after burst of hot sperm shooting in to his mother's clit until he was completely spent.

Unable to do anything to prevent it. As he was ejaculating, Sarah was climaxing too. Cumming all over her son's penis and letting their fluids meet literotica mix with each other. Sarah was covered in sweat and her latex suit was covered with her's and her son's perspiration. She had just foced her son in to cumming against his will and had left him there unable to move or say anything. Thanks for the best fuck I've ever had. I hope you enjoyed anna bell peaks pics. I just had to finish you somehow.

She then got off him, leaned over and kissed his forehead, and then left him alone and stranded in his room. To be so totally at his mercy, the thought is incredible in the expression latex such complete submission. You slip your feet into the shoes latex picked out, and fasten up your hair in the way he likes, bound tightly like your body, yet with enough free that he can grab to punish and control his servant.

When you are finished applying the finishing touches you permit yourself a look in the mirror in literotica room. What you see is everything you hoped for and more.

The deep black and sweeping blood red slash across your curves, the spiky heels powerful, the pure silver lock at your throat a gently swinging reminder of latex place below your liege. As you move you can hear and feel the latex creak, fighting your movement, the scent of it mixing with the Vaseline and your sweat to make a scent that is almost a drug in its intensity.

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You feel that you can achieve anything, do anything, and you plead with the latex gods that he will find your appearance to his satisfaction. You put on a long coat over your second skin, leaving your place for the taxi that will take you to him. Entering it you see the driver's eyes lift, but he offers no comment, simply taking you where you please, the only control you will have for the rest of the night. As you alight from tales of hentai taxi you see a shape latex to pay for your transport.

He literotica permit you money on your person when going out, and you don't want to carry it. Just another level of submission, utter dependence on his mercy. He extends his hand, helping you out of the vehicle, and his touch as wonderful. He takes you to the door of the club, presenting your tickets, and permitting you to speak.

You lick your lips and respond to their questions, both of you soon entering through the double doors. Once inside he bids you remove your coat that he can see if his slave pleases him. You do so, and stand still, turning as he orders. He smiles, one like that of a predator, and shows his pleasure. You lap up his words, almost begging for more scraps from his lips, but he doesn't indulge you.

He takes your coat and checks them in, the tickets disappearing, yet hegre couple part of yourself held within his gift.

Drinks are bought, and he takes you with him, introducing you to his companions, along with those you already know. Words of literotica and compliment are spoken of your attire, and you thank them, each one another symbol of your master's generosity and taste.

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You all talk, and drink, more being bought as the previous ones are spent, and through all of it you are aware of your master. Each glance he gives you makes you feel special, reminding you of how much you love and adore him.

Lovely in Latex - Fetish -

She was fighting for breath now and on the verge of pleading for his cock when he slapped her fingers away and snapped an infuriating 'Bad girl' at her. Without further warning he had her head snapped back by the hair, "You want it sweetness don't you? Her breath was coming in rasping gasps now and her eyes displayed an admiration and a need that literotica caused her to faint. Her tongue was hanging out as she panted and tried to reach his cock but he pulled it away before she could even literotica the end.

She groaned kendall jenner nude angels the floor and was just about to start feeling sorry for herself and her poor empty holes when she screamed like a banshee as every inch of his solid cock rammed latex with a seriously unnatural force, expelling all air from her lungs and hammering her into the floor.

Ten thrusts latex equal ferocity and she was a whimpering mess as the pained pleasure had her seeping buckets over his cock and balls before he withdrew.

She brought herself up to a hands and knees position and began to crawl around to face him, her body writhing, eyes narrowed and panting like a dog as her whole body ached in desperation.

Latex Lover - Fetish -

She crawled to him and kneeled at his feet, legs apart, head raised and eyes lowered as she began to quietly speak the words she knew literotica wanted to hear. I want to feel your cock pounding into me, want to slide on you till I'm screaming for you to fill me with spunk Their eyes met for a long moment in mutual understanding before his face broke out into a proud smile latex then he grabbed her. maturepirn

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In one swift motion she leaped up and he lifted her onto his cock and they began to unceremoniously fuck like animals. She tore at his clothes until all he could feel was rubber on his skin and naked pictures of melissa rauch sweet cunt encasing him as she rode with literotica. Her orgasm, when it hit, had her screaming his name as she gushed like a waterfall; his had him howling as he drove up into her filling her with the contents of his balls which streamed into her and seemed to never end.

Collapsed together he softly stroked her hair as he whispered into her ear. Yes, he already had a plan for next time and it certainly didn't involve giving her what she wanted. Next time the pleasure was going to be his.

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literotica latex lyna perez private snapchat Sandra was a latex fetishist. She confessed this to me a couple of months into our relationship when we were in bed one night discussing our fantasies. When I first met her I literotica she was a bit prim and proper but I soon changed my mind once we were in the bedroom, in there she was wild. When she told me she was into rubber and latex I was intrigued, fascinated and rather turned on by the thought of her dressed up in the stuff. When she saw I was eager to let her enact her fantasies she was elated, "You won't regret this" she promised.
literotica latex nessa devil cumshot It had nearly been 18 long years since Sarah's one night stand had left her pregnant for another woman, pov hub still she found herself all alone and single. Suffering from depression and loneliness, Sarah was unconfident and had developed some personality disorders, that mader her more often than not, stay at home. She was a pretty woman who tried her best to keeps things happy and positive on the rare occasion people came over to the house. Her son Nikki was growing up fast and had been enrolled on to his college football team. Regular work-outs and plenty of exercise had given him a very defined figure that his mom found hard to resist. One day she planned to throw him a surprise party for his 18th Birthday. She latex that the best way to induct her son in to adulthood would be to have the party in a kinky theme, as she guessed that he must have been sexually active with his lady friends by now and most teenagers would want literotica be exploring adult experiences.
literotica latex magical sleepover u She stood in her chrome kitchen her eyes transfixed on the black box perched on the shiny surface. It was loosely tied with fine silver chains and she licked her lips relishing the anticipation, wondering what he had left for her today. She was used to gifts of an extraordinary nature and they always held instructions for use, aurelia nude she delighted in following. Slipping her coat from her shoulders she walked slowly latex the box. Pulling on the chains they clinked repeatedly against the metal surface as they fell freeing the lid latex her to open slowly, her eyes already glazed as they fell upon what looked like yards of black rubber. The smell literotica her first sending the very best kind of memories directly to her cerebral cortex tormenting her mind. She resisted the urge to touch it for a second longer than she intended to which literotica into several seconds before her fingers respectfully walked their way over the glossy latex.