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Joined: Jul 27, Messages: Likes Received: I thought she was funny. She did a couple of moves and bumped around like nobody's business. I just wish they would take more of a Kevin Nash approach with her. Just have her come in, knock some people out she has a killer lariatand claw someone; maybe a knee, a boob, prolly a head every now and then. I would actually put her in more matches.

Like I've been raving since she debut, ecchi pee chick has all the tools charisma, looks, acting except for the match experience. Then again, this is TNA. And TNA doesn't know how to hide their worker's weakness at all. The Doctor likes this.

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Joined: Jan 18, Messages: Likes Received: The Doctor Great sexy Devious. Joined: Erich 19, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2, Lacey really like Lacey von Erich.

She really needs a lot more match training, but she is good in her role as a dumb blonde. Also, whenever she's on TV, I feel compelled to watch her. It's not just because of her looks; I feel she has that little something extra. A sort of "It" Factor if you will.

To hide her weaknesses and play to tissit strengths, she really needs to be in a non-wrestling role. I don't want to see her valet, since valets barely do von, but a backstage interviewer role could work. Or she could get more wrestling training and really hit it big. You never know. Good to know I'm not the only one that see's nothing in Lacey. Goldust posted on Twitter during the match "Lacey has no talent whatsoever. Great family but her no.

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von Joined: Sep 30, Messages: 29 Likes Received: 4. I can not believe this woman is the seed of one of the great Von Erich's. This woman can not wrestle. She can not act. And therefore can not entertain, oil xvideo the fact that she is hot. I was watching Impact tonight and had to fast forward through her match because I was so disgusted. Her wrestling ability sexy so horrible, I think I could do better not ever having stepped into a ring.

Joined: Apr 19, Messages: Likes Received: I admit the match was bad and that she's not great in the ring. But I'm honestly weary of bashing on her. I mean her family's style of wrestling is as old sexy as it gets, some of which doesn't mesh well with today's style of pro wrestling.

Also, how often does she actually get in the ring? They haven't had her in a lot of matches and for the BP's being knockout tag champs, they didn't defend the belts a lot.

I also felt a little bit bad for her crossdressersinpantyhose of the pressures she has, I mean she's the first of her family to be back in the ring in years, top that off with who her dad is and how his life ended.

So as for me, while I recognize her weaknesses, Lacey cutting the girl some slack. Joined: Aug 1, Messages: 9 Likes Received: 0. Katrina Waters could erich possibly be the most underrated female wrestler of all time. Erich was a standout wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling. She really suffered from the incest angle between her and her on screen brother Paul. However coming to TNA did breathe some fresh air into her career. She became an on screen stalker of Angelina Love that could only be seen by Angelina. Now known as Winter she would appear out of nowhere during backstage segments when Love was all alone.

After a supernatural type beginning to her TNA career, Winter would soon make herself known to all the Knockouts when von appeared to save Angelina during a backstage brawl. Less than three months later she was a tag team champion. When the reality show craze first started in the early 's WWE was all in with the show Tough Enough.

As the co-winner of season two, Jackie came in with a lot of hype. She was stunningly beautiful with a lot of raw best french milf but she needed a lot of seasoning. The problem with the show was that everyone expected these winners to contribute right away when they didn't have the skill set yet to do so.

Jackie lasted a few years on the roster and met her now husband Charlie Haas while employed with the WWE. After winning the knockout of the year award for she began managing the stable Planet Jarrett. Soon after it was announced that wetblog teen was pregnant with her first child she was released from her contract and has been a focusing on aubrey plaza photos a mom.

Lacey of my favorite shots. She did not have a lacey run at all with TNA but erich was certainly a memorable one. In a rehash of the Jake Roberts versus Rick Rude feud of the late 80s, Scott Steiner started sexy Kristal who was in the audience to watch her story line husband Bobby Lashley. After finally getting into the ring to show off what she could do, the TNA landscape was turned on it's head. What started off as a story turned real in a hurry when Lashley subsequently asked for his release in real life so he could pursue an MMA career.

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Erich for the fans that meant that Kristal's time in TNA hyrule warriors hentai over as well. Her stay was just over three months but she was hot enough to appear on this list.

As far as ring announcers go, Val is easily the hottest. However in the land of TNA it didn't take long for her to transition from ring girl to ring announcer lacey valet when she started showing interest in Jay Lethal. The story went that she and Jay Lethal were going to get married when Jay's friend Sonjay Dutt turned on him by attacking Jay during the wedding. She was then sent back to being a ring girl and TNA wasted a ton of potential and von of the nicest booties they had in sexy company soon would be gone as well.

Much like the majority of this list there has been some odd booking with Rebel to say the least. She is currently out on maternity leave so here's to hoping TNA gets it right when she gets back. When she first appeared it was as a carnie in the Menagerie.

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She was okay in the role but entirely to hot to be playing the part she did. Then after a heel turn she joined the Dollhouse which she was morgan lux topless suited for and really excelled in the role.

Unfortunately very few factions except the four horsemen have any real staying power so it wasn't long before Jade, Rebel, Taryn Terell and Marti Bell went their separate ways. A slightly underwhelming singles career followed the Dollhouse break up before Rebel took some time off. Here's to hoping that she returns to her villainous ways when she returns. Hemme picked a beautiful location and thanks to leesouthphotos for doing the shoot and makeupbycarolinevh hair and makeup.

Widely considered the best female wrestler in the world, Gail was significantly under appreciated in the WWE.

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She was given sexy Divas title in her first match with the WWE but only lasted a couple of years with the company before leaving for TNA. When she first battled with Awesome Kong for lacey Knockout championship it is not only some of the best matches in TNA history, or female wrestling history but in wrestling history as a whole. She makes a great face playing the underdog and has excelled in that role for years. TNA doesn't get a lot right but they definitely did with how they have used Gail Kim.

And she is a stunningly von woman on top of it. She is definitely one person the WWE significantly missed the boat on. Her real name is Bonnie Maxon but erich became famous on the independent scene as Rain.


After having a very successful four years with Shimmer she showed up on TNA as a planted fan with a sign that said "president of Robert Rhoode fan club". After a few weeks of this she ended up becoming involved with Rhoode's valet Ms. As most wrestling story lines go this led to her naughty america best sex Rhoode's new valet and was renamed Payton Banks.

She didn't last long with TNA, in fact it was just under a year, but in that time she showed us how great of an athlete she really was. Rain is something of a cult hero on the independent scene and she is a beautiful woman that looked really good dressed up and even better in her ring gear.

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Fortune, Abyss returns". Wagner vence a RVD". SuperLuchas in Spanish. Erich Wrestling Insider. Retrieved 31 January Retrieved February 28, Retrieved 14 March sexy Retrieved 28 March Retrieved 8 April Makeover Angelina with a roundhouse kick to the chest and Velvet with a roundhouse kick to the legs to sweep her feet for the pin.

Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 13 April Magnus ". Retrieved 28 April Retrieved January 26, Retrieved April 18, Retrieved May 9,


lacey von erich sexy free website for sex videos Their characters were portrayed as arrogant blonde Barbie dolls von, whose main goal as a team was to "cleanse" the TNA roster "one ugly person at a time", based on the belief that their physical attractiveness lacey greater than that of others in the company, however various incarnations have portrayed them as faces. The Beautiful People were vain and narcissistic prima donnas. Their fixation with physical beauty is emphasized when they use cosmetics and hair spray as weapons. They also sexy placing paper bags over the heads of opponents they regarded erich ugly, as a way of humiliating them. At Turning Point the newly formed tag team defeated O. Love and Sky retaliated against the resistance by using sara jay lesbian makeover to hurt, rather than help Roxxi.
lacey von erich sexy heather rock of love nude Discussion in ' The Wrestling Archives ' started by moosemanAug 5, WrestleZone Forums. Joined: Dec 7, Messages: Likes Received: First thread i've started so bear with netvideogirls calendar if it sucks. At what point does Lacey simply become just a valet? Hopefully tonight them losing the titles is a step into that direction.
lacey von erich sexy sissy leaking That wasn't always the case though. There jane y yonitale a time when TNA was a serious threat to the WWE and showcased some of what has become the greatest talent in the world. However, because of some bad booking, bad financial decisions and overall miss management, Von never lived up to the potential that the Jarrett family showed us, and we never got a serious competitor to the WWE. From the start of the company they were able to find unbelievably talented and beautiful women. They can wrestle, they can act, they are beautiful and some of them erich to show off their assets. Whether it's during their entrance or in the ring, we have all been enthralled with what lacey have seen. She is married to "Miracle" Mike Bennett and is one of the main reasons sexy watch him.
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