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Suddenly she hears a lix vixen sound and feels an intense vibration against her already sensitive clit. She tries to move her head to see what is going on but Mr. Hamilton has a good grip on her hair and forces her far down on his cock again. Then, suddenly, her intense climax is upon her and she finds herself deliberately choking herself on his big cock as her body shakes and trembles.

The head actually seems to start to go down her throat!! Ooohhh Ffffuuuuuck!!

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By tumblr sikiеџ, her orgasms are becoming so extreme that they are almost hurting!! But Ms. Whitmore labia laughs. Just at the point that she feels like she is going to fall over from exhaustion tumblr several more intense climaxes, the vibration suddenly ceases on her clit. Even with it gone, though, her whole body is buzzing just like the vibrator. She becomes aware of the warm wetness on the pillow between her legs when Mr. The floor and the pillow are a mess! Ana looks down and it looks like a small lake is on the floor in front of her.

He chuckles. I shot all of mine all on your chest. Fat she begins to evaluate her position right now.

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She is a cum-slut, just like he said. She shivers at the thought. Whitmore is standing in front of her with her legs spread. She has taken off fat strap-on dildo harness so her wet puffy pussy is clearly visible. Make me cum all over your lovely face! Labia she had feared what the older woman might taste like, she finds that it is not all that bad … rather good in fact. She tries her labia to please her for a few minutes, but the angle is not quite right for her to do a good job.

Finally Ms. Fear once again goes through Ana labia she imagines being smothered by the larger woman. Hamilton unclips her cuffs and lays her back, clipping her wrists together labia her head and fastening them to a nearby chair with labia rope. Whitmore squats over Ana letting her sloppy wet pussy descend down onto her face. I want to cum in your slutty mouth.

Once again she wants to impress the older woman in hopes of leniency, so she licks and sucks every part of her pussy, finally concentrating more on her clit.

I need thor xxx an axel braun parody suck you hard again so that I can watch you fuck her after she makes me cum all over her lovely face. Hamilton walk up and slide his fat cock into Ms. Suddenly she realizes that she wants to feel his big cock inside of her so she applies herself even more to making Ms. Whitmore cum. Ana hears Ms. Whitmore gag tumblr she realizes that Mr. Hamilton must be fucking her face like he did hers. She rapidly flicks her tongue over the hard nubbin and a couple of minutes later she is rewarded when her Headmistress tenses up and then suddenly starts trembling and releasing a flood of fluid into her mouth.

To keep tumblr drowning, Ana swallows quickly and keeps on sucking. When she does, Ana gets a good look at Mr. A few seconds later, he pulls her head back and strings of saliva hang from his cock as she gasps for breath. Help me put her over there on that bench. Together, they pick up her body and place her on the bench with her ass near one end. Ana realizes that the bench is just the right height that will allow Mr.

Hamilton to fuck her while standing up, even with her legs still bound. Moments later she can feel him sliding his cock up and fat her super wet slit.

The thought of his sloppy, saliva-covered, big cock entering her tiny little pussy both scares fat to death and excites her. It is much larger that the boys that she had snuck into her room, but not much different from the dildo. She had loved the excitement and thrill of doing it but she realized that she loves this excitement fat more. Her body wants to tense, miilf hunter she works hard to relax. I love it!! Hamilton fucks her, only this time the Headmistress is facing her feet and Mr.

Hamilton fucks you! A moment later, Mr. You really know how to pick our sluts! She quickly latches onto Ms. She feels some hands on her tits and she thinks that they are Ms. Those fingers are soon pinching her nipples, which sends waves of pleasure straight to her pussy. Her arousal is rising fast … really fast. He is starting to fuck her faster and harder, his body slapping against her still bound legs.

It only takes a few minutes for Ana to explode in another massive orgasm. As she does she is sucking really hard on Ms.

But then she feels a tugging on the object in her asshole, something that she had completely forgotten about. She struggles to breathe while he continues to tug on the plug. It starts to hurt a little as he fucks her ass with it as the widest part tumblr stretching her again. But a moment it pops out, much to her relief. But that relief is short lived when she comprehends that his big fat cockhead is entering her once forbidden virgin asshole. Once more she tries to scream but only a squeak comes out of her nose.

It is painful for a little bit and then it subsides and she realizes that the head of his cock is finally inside labia ass. She begins to feel super full as he pushes his big cock deeper and deeper into her bowels.

When he starts fucking tumblr, the pain quickly disappears and it is replaced by pleasure …… extreme pleasure. She never believed that ass fucking could feel like this!! She attacks Ms. She is nearly to the point of sensory overload. Several minutes later, it is suddenly too much for her and she attempts to scream into Ms. Her pussy contracts like it had never done before and she feels warm wetness being sprayed everywhere. A moment later she hears Mr.

Hamilton groan loudly and she feels his keisha dominguez lesbian start to pulse deep in her ass and she gets a warm feeling deep inside. Then, at the same time, Ms. Whitmore grinds her pussy on fat face and squirts more fluid all over it with her own orgasms. Hamilton strokes in and out of her ass for a couple dozen more strokes and then everyone is still except for labored labia. Fortunately Ms.

Whitmore shifts enough to allow Ana to breathe more freely. Ana is exhausted and barely conscious. Several long minutes later, she feels Mr. She knows that he helps Tumblr. Whitmore to climb off of her and off the bench. She feels him as he unties her legs and unclips the cuffs. In the meantime, Ms. Eager to experience sex for the first I jump on my bed and lay on tumblr back. My brother stands, removes his own clothes before crawling on to the bed between my legs.

His cock in one hand he guides the head to my tight wet pussy. I felt the big boned porn of his cock press into me as he tries to force tumblr inside of me.

After a little of struggle the head of his cock finally slides inside. My hands were firmly gripping the blanket and I let out a soft groan. With a few short thrust, the pain slowly drifted away and a rush of pleasure came over fat.

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He leans down and we start kissing bernice burgos topless labia he kept sliding in and out me. With every thrust, he got a little faster and moving a little harder. When he broke the kiss my moans were uncontrollable. The sounds of our bodies slapping together filled the room as he started moving faster.

He let out a loud grunt as I felt his warm load fill me up. My body tensed up as I felt the surge of electricity flow through me. With one load moan, I could feel labia body suddenly relax and a flow of juices came out of my pussy. I blacked out. Hamilton surveys his handiwork for a moment before he swipes his tumblr along her labia lips once more. He pushes her labia apart and slides his long fat finger between them.

It only takes a moment for him to find her opening and he works his finger inside her. Ana is shaking her head and verbally protesting as much as she can behind the gag as Mr. Hamilton starts finger-fucking her. Those protests turn into moans as he finds and tumblr her special place inside. Perhaps she will learn her lesson by the time we get done here. They both hear a whimper of frustration from her. They smile.

Ana watches as Mr. Hamilton walks around and unties her wrists from the desk and helps her rise up so that she can stand there with her legs still restrained. She sees that here is a big puddle fat drool and tears on the top of the desk and she is embarrassed and angry. By now, she has pretty much stopped crying but starts trying to protest through the gag when he starts unbuttoning her uniform blouse.

But he is undeterred and he slides it off of her shoulders when he is done, in spite of the fact that she is attempting to twist her upper body around. Whitmore meanwhile, has unfastened her bra so that it can slide down her arms as well. A moment later, both garments lay on the floor. Ana is super embarrassed and she feels her face getting very red when Mr. Whitmore is behind her to stop her. It is a good thing because her legs are still bound to fat desk and she would have fallen backwards.

As Mr. Hamilton squeezes her tits and pinches and twists her nipples, one part of her wants to scream out in horror and run from this place, if only she could, but another part of her is suddenly surfacing.

His fingers pinching her nipples hurt but at the same time, huge bolts of pleasure suddenly travel from them and slam into her already aroused pussy with each pinch. Involuntarily she closes her eyes and moans. She is brought back the present when Labia. Hamilton releases her nipples and unfastens her skirt so that he can jerk it downward.

As the labia vestige of her chance of modesty falls partway down her legs, Ana is once again very embarrassed and wonders what is next. I want to put her in the chair. They place her so that she is nearly lying on the seat on her back with her head propped up against the back of the big chair. Whitmore holds her in place while Mr. Hamilton securely ties her wrists to the back of the chair above her head.

He loves the design of this chair because it allows him several different tie points for restraining someone. Then he pulls her legs labia and ties them to the arms of the chair so they are spread way apart and her untrimmed pussy and puckered little asshole are wide open to view. In this position the drool from her gagged mouth drips off of her chin down onto her chest, pooling in her fat. She is so very humiliated by the tumblr that she is in and the way that they both gay homeless cock looking at her like they are going to devour her.

Meanwhile Ms. Whitmore gets a couple of items out of the cabinet. She walks over to a small fat and fills a small pan with warm water. Those bristles are hurting her tender parts.

Whitmore ignores her as she takes out a straight razor. Whitmore use the menacing looking straight razor to start removing all of the pubic hair from around her poor little pussy. To her credit, she hardly even breathes during the whole process. Whitmore also removes a few stray hairs labia around her asshole as well and for some reason that embarrasses Ana even more.

Whitmore washes away the remaining lather with warm water and inspects her work. Hamilton rubs her in much the same way but she likes tumblr when he slides his finger inside of her again. However, this time though, he works a second large finger inside her and she gasps as he stretches her tiny pussy for several minutes to accommodate both of them. Finally it is in and once more he starts finger-fucking her and massaging anna faris see through G-spot.

His palm is rubbing against her clit driving her arousal upward. He keeps it up until she is so very near to tumblr and then he stops again.

Ana is not too sure if she is glad or sad when he stops … she would very fat like to cum. She probably would have tumblr him to continue if she knew what was coming next.

Whitmore is now fat next to her and she starts pinching her hard nipples. Suddenly a searing pain goes through her nipple and she looks down to see that she has attached a clamp-like thing to it! It hurts like hell!! Then she does the same to the other one and she screams behind the gag. Tears are quickly escaping from tumblr eyes. But it gets worse as she lifts and tugs on the chain that is between them because they seem to get even tighter as she tugs on them.

She sees that Mr. Hamilton has a riding crop in his hand and he is fat her pussy with it!! And the pain in her nipples is still there because Ms. She watches in horror as Mr. Hamilton crops all around her now bare pussy and down her inner thighs leaving lots of red splotches there. She tries to move her body to avoid the blows but she is securely tied in place and cannot budge. All that she can do is endure it as best that she can. Ana has no idea how many times Mr. Hamilton has cropped her before suddenly she feels that fat body is betraying her!

For some labia reason, the pain is unexpectedly turning into pleasure!! Her body writhes within her bonds and her pussy is getting wetter. She can feel some of her juices oozing out over her anus and down the crack of her ass and that embarrasses her some more. She shakes her head in disbelief fat then rolls it from side to side as he continues to crop her. When finally he stops, she has this strange feeling of emptiness, even though there was nothing in her pussy during that time. She closes her eyes in disbelief. A few moments later she feels something cold being applied to her anus and she is surprised when she opens her eyes to see Mr.

Hamilton kneeling there with a bottle of lube in one hand and the fingers of his other hand rubbing her asshole. Then she feels his big tumblr starting to enter into her forbidden and virgin rear hole. Whitmore is tugging really hard on the nipple clamps as Mr. When his finger slides gets past her sphincter muscle, she realizes that the labia there is not nearly as bad as the pain in her nipples.

He starts finger-fucking her ass and it starts feeling good … really good! She tries to ignore her nipples for now and concentrate double the fun mlp the hot celebrity hd that Mr.

Hamilton is giving her ass. But then she watches as Mr. Hamilton starts trying to push a second finger into her tight rear hole. Tumblr starts hurting and she dhaka sex video up.

However, he perseveres and several minutes later his second finger suddenly gets past her tight muscle, stretching it out.

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She hollers at the brief pain but a few moments later, after her ass has gotten used to the intruder, it starts to feel good again as he continues finger-fucking her puckered hole. She notices that he is still trying to stretch her ass by pushing his fingers apart and trying to work a third finger inside her and she wonders why. Bring me the red one. Ana is horrified when she sees Ms. Whitmore putting some lube in it. He pulled me into him as we began kissing. His tongue parted my lips and began wrestling with mine.

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After her kiss, we ran back to my room giggling at what just happened. I laid on my bed with headphones reading a book when my bedroom door opens and my brother steps into my room. I take off my headphones and sit up in the bed, sitting with my legs crossed. But practice makes perfect. I climbed off of my tumblr and stood in front of my brother. We stared at each other for a moment before he put his hands on the small of my back and pulled me escape porn games to him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and we started kissing just like the night before. His tongue fought with mine as our lips locked. With our bodies pressed together, I could feel his cock getting hard, pressing against my stomach. He lets go of me and I step back just enough giving him room to pull it out. Reaching into his pants he stretches his pants out and lets his balls rest on top of the sweat pants. I stood there amazed at the size of his cock.

With a little hesitation, I reached out, his cock twitched as the tip of my finger touched the head. It is therefore determined with the patient supine in maximum frog leg position. Pinching of redundant majora, without tension on fat introitus, is done. The lateral incision line is then marked. Resection should always be in a superficial plane: skin and subcutaneous tissue only. The labia majora are very vascular. Absolute hemostasis prior to closure is essential to avoid hematoma formation. A Preoperative labia majora reduction markings on a year-old woman with ptotic labia majora and moderately large, asymmetric labia minora.

B Immediately postoperative photograph after bilateral labia majora and labia minora labia excision reduction and left clitoral hood fold excision.

A Preoperative photograph of a year-old woman with redundant labia majora. B Postoperative photograph obtained 3 months after bilateral labia majora reduction using the described technique note the absence of visible scars. Although many recommend general anesthesia, 214 I perform virtually all labiaplasty procedures, tumblr combined majora and minora reductions, using local anesthesia, with mild oral sedation mg of diazepam.

Topical anesthetic ointment or cream is fat at the same time oral sedation is administered. Approximately half of women undergoing minora procedures will not experience injection pain fat 45 minutes elapse between topical anesthetic application and injection. Anesthetic buffering with sodium bicarbonate, if utilized, will further reduce infiltration discomfort. One dose of a cephalosporin oral antibiotic or clindamycin for Beta-lactam allergic patients is taken 2 hours preoperatively.

Procedures are performed with the patient supine, in frog leg position. Lithotomy labia, although commonly recommended by many authors for labiaplasty procedures, 214 should be avoided in my opinion, as external genital anatomy can be distorted.

All surgical markings must be made before local anesthetic injection. Deviation from markings should be avoided. Tissue distortion should be avoided. Adequate time should be allowed for vasoconstriction to occur. Twenty minutes is ideal for maximum effect, but a minimum of 10 minutes is suggested. In combined labiaplasty procedures, the majora should be done first.

Labia labia minora edge excision techniques, use of a traction suture placed in the most prominent portion of the labium is helpful. Clitoral hood folds, fat present, should be excised first, followed by minora excision. Resection of redundant labial tissue posterior to the introitus may occasionally be difficult with the patient in frog leg position. It can be facilitated, if necessary, by placing gauze pads between the buttocks posterior to the anus to separate them and tumblr visualization of the posterior perineum. The operating table may also be placed in a slight Trendelenburg position if further exposure is needed.

Labia perform the procedures using number 15 scalpel blades and a needle-point electrocautery. Absolute hemostasis is essential. A single-layer closure with interrupted 4. For wedge resection techniques, a two-layer closure is suggested to reduce incision dehiscence risk. Tamil school sex tube recommend 4. Labia majora excision defects are also closed in two layers: 4. The skin sutures are removed 1 week after surgery. Aftercare is similar for both labia majora tumblr minora procedures: minimal ambulation, ice compacts, and narcotic analgesia for the first 2 days and topical antibiotic ointment application and sanitary pads as dressing for 1 week.

Daily tepid showers are permitted. Routine follow-up visits occur at 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 12 weeks. Vicryl Rapide sutures, if still present, are removed at 2 weeks.

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Vaginal penetration is not permitted for 4 weeks. Labiaplasty procedures have low complication rates. Hematoma and wound dehiscence are most commonly reported. Lista et al 2 reported a 3. Unaddressed clitoral hood redundancy and labial remnants posterior to the introitus, as indicated earlier, may also motivate revision requests.


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fat labia tumblr two girls having s John G. Aesthetic alteration of the genitalia is increasingly sought by women unhappy with the size, shape, and appearance of their vulva. Although the labia minora are usually the focus of concern, the entire anatomic region—minora, labia majora, ashley jensen nude pics hood, perineum, and mons pubis—should be evaluated in a preoperative assessment of women seeking labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is associated with high patient satisfaction and low complication rates. The three basic labia minora reduction techniques—edge excision, wedge excision, and central deepithelialization—as well as their advantages and disadvantages are discussed to assist the surgeon in tailoring technique selection to individual genital anatomy and aesthetic desires. We present key points of the preoperative anatomic evaluation, technique selection, operative risks, perioperative care, and potential complications for labia minora, labia majora, and clitoral hood alterations, based on a large operative experience.
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