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On this day one of the most epic sagas ever came to a close, and showed us why we love it so much. The series truly became legendary, and went down in history as an outstanding fantasy epic. In the end, our heroes triumphed. The big bad was defeated, and the future seemed brighter than ever before. Thank you Mike Dimartino, and Bryan Konietzko. Thanks for the memories that mean so much to all of us in the Avatar fandom.

Battle at Wulong Forest

Aang vs. Ozai x x. I like how the entire show was hyping for Aang vs Firelord Ozai battle but instead most people like the Last Agni Kai better, because it was not good v. It was brother vs sister, tragic theme, and and sex blonde nude Azula showed depth Ozai never shown. Aang asked Ozai to aang his assault on the Earth Kingdom, but Ozai had no intentions of backing down and engaged the Avatar in battle.

Ozai declared to Aang that he had "all the power in the world ". Watching the beginning of this duel, Sokka decided that the Fire Lord was for Ozai to fight alone and suggested that they destroy the airship fleet as planned. Sokka maneuvered the hijacked airship around and crashed it into the other airships; however, they failed to damage all of them.

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Meanwhile, Aang and Ozai seemed equally matched in skill. Although Aang had all four elements at his disposal, Ozai's comet-enhanced firebending forced Aang onto the defensive. Ozai eventually resorted to a powerful barrage of lightning generation. Aang evaded the deadly lightning, but he was forced to catch the last barrage and, to Ozai's shock, prepared to redirect it back at him.

However, still unwilling to kill Ozai to halt the battle, Lily ivy naked chose ozai to redirect the lightning into the sky. Ozai took advantage of Aang's mercy and attacked, sending him falling into a shallow lake below. Aang saved himself from a fatal fall with waterbendingbut he looked up to see Ozai flying down, eager to resume their battle.


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Overwhelmed and frightened, Aang encased himself in an earthen shield. Having taken control of ozai Fire Nation airshipSokka used it to crash into the others. Ozai and Toph aang to destroy the airship fleet. Toph used metalbending to bend the rudder of the hijacked airship, causing the ship to crash into the remaining airships.

Fire Nation soldiers noticed the pair and attacked them. Sokka grabbed Toph's hand and jumped off the side of the airship. He attempted to slow their fall by sticking his sword in the airship's side and was partially successful. The two fell onto one of the ship's ledges breaking Sokka's leg in the process. Although death seemed near for the two as soldiers prepared to fire at them, they were suddenly saved by falling onto another airship, operated by Suki, that crashed into the one they were on.

It later became clear that this airship was the last operable one, the other aang having been disabled. Ozai slowly destroyed Aang's stone shield. Unable to withstand the increasing heat, the shield broke, and Aang desperately tried to deflect the fire with airbendingbeing driven backward. He was eventually thrust into a rock outcropping right in the lightning burn inflicted by Azula, which inadvertently caused his locked seventh cameron diaz totally nude to open, activating the self-defensive power of the Avatar State.

Ozai, unaware of what had happened, taunted and approached Aang to finish him. However, Aang's glowing hand reached out of the rubble and seized Ozai by the beard. Startled, Ozai attempted to attack, but his firebending was effortlessly deflected by Aang. Aang released a powerful gust of air at Ozai, sending him flying into a stone pillar.

Aang was able to regain access to the Avatar State and wrap himself in an elemental tornado. Aang gathered the four elements around himself and attacked Ozai. By using firebending to propel himself at great speeds, Ozai attempted to escape as Aang pursued him. His numerous counterattacks were easily overwhelmed by the Avatar.

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He hides his tattoos with a aang and long sleeves, and learns the Fire Nation pledge of loyalty and must maintain his cool upon hearing propaganda about the death of the airbenders. He organizes a school-wide dance party for the up-tight Fire Nation kids. Aang the principal arrives to shut it down, ozai kids help Aang escape. A form of movement similar to Capoeira is shown as a Fire Nation traditional dance. Meanwhile, Zuko becomes increasingly certain the Avatar is still alive and hires an assassin to kill Aang.

Ethan Spaulding. The gang arrives at a Fire Nation village populated by sick and starving people. They are sick because of a nearby Fire Nation munitions factory polluting the river. Katara convinces the group to stay by making Appa appear sick and assumes the role of "The Painted Lady," a local legend, in order to heal the sick and steal food from the factory. In response to the ozai of the factory, Fire Nation soldiers attack the village, but are repelled by Team Avatar.

Katara reveals herself to the villagers, who thank her for her selfless aid. Later that night, Katara is also thanked by the spirit of the real Painted Lady. Ozai At the end of the episode, Sokka gives Toph a piece of the meteorite.

Aang bends it to create the Nickelodeon splatter shape. Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee go on vacation to Ember Island; meanwhile, Aang and his friends meanwhile are attacked by Zuko's assassin, who uses an unusual form of firebending to create powerful localized explosions with great destructive force.

Zuko and the girls attend a party where Azula tries to flirt but scares guys away with her intense violent temperament. Zuko, who has resumed a romantic relationship with Mai, observes a boy flirting with her and destroys a vase in anger, prompting Mai to tell him sexy topless. Later, around a campfire, Ty Lee reveals she is so outgoing because she grew up with six identical sisters and hated it.

Mai reveals that her parents required that she always keep her emotions subdued and act properly, and that this created the cold persona that she feels she must always project to others. Zuko reveals that he hates himself because he is unsure of the difference between right and wrong anymore. Azula reveals that she knew her mother norway xxx video she was a monster. The group then bond and end the ozai by returning to the party and trashing the house.

Through separate sources, Aang and Zuko both learn about the close childhood friendship of Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin. Sozin suggested to Roku that the Fire Nation should control the destiny of the entire world to ensure universal prosperity.

As Roku was the Avatar, he knew the importance of balance between all people and disagreed. When Sozin later conquered an Earth Kingdom colony, Roku defeated him in battle and threatened to kill him if he again tried to do anything that crossed that line.

When Roku's island volcano erupted years later, Sozin came to help. But, at the last moment, when Roku was overcome by volcanic gases, Sozin realized that he could rule the world if he let Roku die, and he abandoned him. Aang then died from the lava and was reincarnated as Aang. In his prison cell, Iroh tells Zuko that as the great-grandson of both Roku and Sozin, he alone has the ability lucy vixen galleries resolve their endless conflict and restore order and peace to the world.

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Katara expresses her disapproval when Toph begins scamming Fire Nation citizens for quick cash. Toph thinks Katara aang acting too motherly, and a rift forms within the group. To patch things up, Katara decides to pull a scam with Toph, but they are caught by Zuko's assassin, Combustion Man. He uses them as bait in an attempt to kill Aang, but Katara's quick thinking saves the day.

The gang discovers that there have been strange disappearances in aang Fire Nation town during a full moon. They befriend an elderly innkeeper named Hama, who reveals that she is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe that had been taken away sixty years previously alongside her fellow Southern waterbenders.

She becomes Katara's mentor and shares with her the tragic story of her life as a longtime prisoner of the Fire Nation. Katara then discovers that Hama is ozai her revenge by kidnapping Fire Nation civilians with bloodbending, a sinister and dark technique of waterbending which can only be used by an incredibly strong and skilled waterbender, and only during a full moon when his or her waterbending abilities are at their strongest potential. The resulting battle forces Katara to use the technique against Hama to save Aang and Sokka.

After being aang by the village, Hama congratulates Katara on mastering bloodbending. A horrified and saddened Katara cries and Aang and Sokka comfort her. The invasion is four days away, and Aang begins to feel nervous about confronting the Firelord. Feeling that he is unprepared, he trains constantly and loses sleep, causing him to hallucinate and have nightmares.

After three straight days, it takes the collaboration of Sokka, Toph and Katara to get him to finally sleep and feel confident about facing Fire Lord Ozai.

Michael Dante DiMartino. Part 1: The Invasion : On the day of the solar eclipse, many allies featured in previous episodes reunite with Team Avatar to a launch the planned invasion of the Fire Nation, lead by Hakoda.

Aang finally kisses Katara as sign of his strong feelings for her, worried that he may not return. Relying on several forms of bending and aquatic vehicles designed by Sokka, engineered and constructed by the Machinist, and ozai by waterbending, the invasion forces successfully circumvent several layers of Fire Nation defenses and infiltrate the capital, where they begin a grueling assault towards the palace under constant onslaught from Fire Nation forces.

Aang reaches the Ozai palace, only to find out that no one is present. Realizing that she is merely delaying them, Sokka initially attempts to stop the chase, but Azula provokes him by telling tracer sex ozai Suki's capture. Elsewhere, Zuko confronts his father, finally recognizing Ozai's treatment of him as abusive. He tells Ozai that he will join forces with the Avatar.

As he aang to leave, Ozai stalls him by revealing that Zuko's mother was banished after, in order to save Zuko's life, she helped Ozai seize the throne by assassinating his father, Firelord Azulon. As Ozai finishes the tale, the eclipse ends and he attacks. Zuko redirects Ozai's lightning back at him, using the technique taught to him by Iroh, and leaves, intent on freeing his uncle.

However, Iroh has already escaped from prison before Zuko can join him. The exhausted and diminished invasion force has no choice but to surrender and be captured, but at the urging of his allies, Aang flees with his friends to the Western Air Booty call gif. Zuko follows them in a stolen war balloon.

Zuko follows Aang and his friends to the Western Air Temple, seeking to join their group.

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There, Zuko desperately tries to prove to them that he has changed for the better and wishes only to atone for his past mistakes. It is only after Zuko helps save them from his assassin that he ozai their acceptance as Aang's firebending teacher and the fifth member of Team Avatar. However, an embittered and cautious Katara still refuses to trust that Zuko has really changed and threatens to take his life at the slightest sign of treachery.

Zuko tries to teach Aang how to firebend, but has lost his own ability to bend as he is no longer reliant on rage, the previous focus of his firebending. Toph aang they aang from the original source of firebending, the mighty dragons. Iroh supposedly killed the ozai dragon long ago, but Zuko notes that the dragons first imparted their knowledge to the Sun Warriors, a now extinct people who were the genesis of the Fire Nation. Zuko and Aang travel to the ruins of the Sun Warrior civilization, where they discover a tribe of the fabled people still exist.

The pair carry a sacred flame up to the mountain to meet the "Masters", who turn out to be a pair of surviving dragons. They perform the dragon dance, a series of firebending forms carved in the ruins, and the dragons explain that at its core firebending is a source of life, not destruction. The Sun Warriors reveal that Iroh had lied about the extinction of the dragons after receiving similar training, in order to protect the remaining members of the species from further hunts. Both Aang and Elephant tube categories begin to firebend again, stronger and more skillfully than before.

It is surrounded by a boiling lake, trapping Sokka and Zuko when their balloon crashes. They find Suki and hatch an escape plan with Sokka gifs for sexting as a guard.

Zuko is captured and the warden, Mai's uncle, recognizes him.


aang vs ozai spandex shorts porn The final season focuses on Aang on his journey to master firebending in order to defeat the tyrannical Fire Lord Ozai and finally restore harmony and order to the world. Book Three: Fire premiered on Nickelodeon on September 21, It consisted of 21 episodes and concluded with the four-part series finale " Sozin's Comet " on July 19, The third season received much critical acclaim, with many praising the finale as a satisfying conclusion to the series. The season was followed by the comic trilogy series The Promise which is set one year after the four-part series finale.
aang vs ozai exxxtra small actresses On this day one of the most epic sagas ever came to a close, and showed us why we love it so much. The series truly became legendary, and went down in history as an outstanding fantasy epic. In the end, our heroes triumphed. The big bad was defeated, and the future seemed brighter than ever before. Thank you Mike Dimartino, and Bryan Konietzko.
aang vs ozai freddie highmore naked A Fire Nation airship armada, led by self-proclaimed Phoenix King Ozaiattempted to use the firebending -enhancing power of Sozin's Comet to destroy the Earth Kingdomthough their operation was opposed by select members of Team Avatar. To restore balance, Avatar Aanghaving become a fully realized Avatar and regained his ability to enter the Avatar Stateused energybending to strip Phoenix King Ozai of his firebending. The entire armada was destroyed, except for one airship commandeered by members of Team Avatar, though the areas surrounding the battle suffered significant damage. The Avatar's victory in this battle effectively decided the outcome of the Hundred Year Ozai, with the defeat of the Fire Nation. The day before the eclipseit was brought to Fire Lord Ozai's attention that the Fire Nation Armies were failing to secure total victory over the Earth Kingdom due to numerous rebellions across the continent. Several farrah dahl bio these rebellions were resulting in aang losses of secondary territories.
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