Outdoor Space

  • Lights Illuminate Infinity-Edge Pool at Night

Recessed lighting and LEDs in the pool illuminate this outdoor space for use into the evening. An infinity-edge both complements the home’s modern design and showcases the natural beauty of the landscape.

  • Dining Bridge with View of Backyard Entertaining Space

A dining bridge connects the common and private wings of this modern home. From the interior of the dining space, guests and homeowners have a beautiful view of the pool and outdoor entertaining space to enjoy while they eat.

  • Glass Draws Connection Between the Front Yard and Courtyard

Designers wanted everything in this modern home to be connected, so they used glass throughout the design to create this synergy, drawing a line of sight from the front yard, into the home’s interior and into the courtyard space.

  • Retaining Wall Runs Through the Property to Support the Home’s Modern Facade

Throughout the property, a continuous, jogging retaining wall leads from outside to inside and embeds the structure below natural grade at the front with flush transitions at its rear facade.

  • White Home Exterior With Dormer Windows and Pear Tree Espalier

This attractive white home features well-manicured landscaping, upstairs dormer windows, and espaliered pear trees adorning the white brick wall leading to an enclosed entry area.

  • Chic, Welcoming Patio

Gray pavers ground this outdoor living space, while exposed beams bring in architectural charm. A comfortable sofa pairs with a sleek coffee table to create a cozy seating area.

  • Building Materials Show Home’s Public and Private Spaces

From the outside, designers wanted to delineate the public space from the private ones, so they used glass to allow transparency through the public spaces and a wood exterior to keep the private spaces private.

  • Staged Approach to Home Design

The architects took a staged approach to the home’s design. The front living room is a one story, gabled space, while the rear space is a two story space that houses the bedrooms. Connecting the two are a screened porch and other secondary spaces.

  • Home’s Modern Design Elegantly Combines the Natural and the Manmade

Designers wanted to incorporate the site’s dynamic landscape into the design of this home, so they created a meaningfully framed procession through the property with nuanced natural lighting throughout, creating a transitional space between the manmade and nature.

  • Stone Patio With Covered Area and Exposed Wooden Beams

This patio, accessed by three gray French doors, features a covered area with exposed wooden beams and a floor of large flagstones.

  • Roof Deck With Glass Railing

With views like these, every inch should be on display. Clear glass railings make sure that’s the case, giving the feeling that the roof deck is floating up with the clouds.

  • Modern Patio in Palm Springs

In Palm Springs, Calif., this outdoor living space is a retreat where the homeowners can enjoy the beautiful views. Hanging chairs are a comfortable spot, while a small hot tub is a perfect spot to relax.

  • Light, Airy Bohemian Gazebo Oasis

The homeowners wanted a light, airy retreat, so designers painted the space from the inside out, exchanging the gazebo’s previous dull color for the neutral tones that bring the design to life.

  • Black and White, Modern Backyard and Patio

Originally, the pergola in the backyard was light gray, but designers painted the piece black to add contrast in the outdoor space. To keep with the modern design of the house, designers used white, plastic oversized lounge chairs, an area rug and coffee table to give the space an indoor/outdoor look.

  • Welcoming Deck is Contemporary, Chic

Modern furniture, from the Eames chairs to the sleek white lounge chair, create comfortable spots to relax on the contemporary gray deck. A striped yellow umbrella adds a burst of color.