Garden Space

  • Garden and Deck With Umbrellas

The gardens have a rambling, wild feel, in keeping with the home’s casual nature. The cottage’s white fence and exterior make the vibrant colors leap out from the yard.

  • Cozy Garden Daybed

The large daybed hanging in this exquisite garden is an invitation for easy relaxation.

  • Sculpture in a Modern Garden with Water Feature

Three Sixty Design created fluid transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces for a client in suburban Denver, and the Colorado American Society of Landscape Architects gave it a 2014 honor award for residential design (over $100,000). The design makes the dream home a living work of art, with actual sculptures among a water feature in one portion of the 3-acre site.

  • Container Garden and Metal Chair

Large-scale pots with dramatic plantings provide color and structure throughout this home’s outdoor areas as well being low-water. Here, they’re seen on a patio outside the master bedroom.

  • Microgardening

Try a “Pick ‘n’ Pluck Salad Bar”: Loose leaf cut-and-come-again lettuce varieties can be planted as seeds or seedlings in a container for a quick pick salad. Choose salad ingredients with different leaf textures and colors for a vibrant and healthy salad, says Anne Gibson, who has coined the phrase “The Micro Gardener.” Alternate these around the container and when the lettuces have at least eight leaves, you can start harvesting as you rotate around the pot.

  • Natural Stone Water Fountain

A natural stone water feature brings tranquility and contemporary style to this fenced overlook with a valley view.

  • Gardens Under Glass

Learn about moss varieties to grow with Maria Colletti, author of Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass.

  • Old World-Inspired Garden and Pergola

When designing the outdoor space, it was realized the strong roof line detracted from look. A pergola structure is built along the garage and entrance to incorporate the roof into the space. Newly planted old-growth wisteria wraps around large reclaimed barnwood beams used as posts.

  • Thick Plant Life With Colorful Flowers Framing White Garden Gate and Entrance Arch

Thick, vivid plant life decorates the grounds hugging the white garden fence. The gate is covered with an open archway and thick, winding ivy. A large bed of yellow flowers draws the eye while red and pink blooms add a pop of extra color.

  • Cottage Garden Surrounds a Newly Remodeled Country Cottage

This 2,127 square foot cottage has a fantastically landscaped, luscious cottage garden. The entire home has been newly remodeled with warm, gentle tones, high pitched, open beam ceilings, skylights and French doors to let in plenty of natural light, a state of the art kitchen, a new roof, two new bathrooms, three bedrooms and nearly a quarter of an acre.

  • DIY Plant Wall on Small Patio

Going vertical is a smart way to display plants when you’re short on space. This DIY freestanding plant wall will also help create privacy as the plants grow.

  • A Formal Cottage Garden with Gazebo

Climbing pink roses spill over a wood gazebo in this formal cottage garden, framing the entryway towards the shingled home. A simple rope fence intersects the garden and defines the entry garden from the large expanse of lawn framed by silvery lavender Russian sage.

  • Urban Rooftop Garden with Purple Flowers

Purple flowers add to the scenery from a rooftop terrace garden in the city. The sleek containers match the style of the modern penthouse.

  • Formal Garden With Statues Outside Well-Lit Mansion

Outside a well-lit mansion, this formal garden includes well-manicured hedges and trees as well as a fountain that features a large statue as its centerpiece.

  • Backyard Raised Garden Beds

A quadrant of raised garden beds keeps fresh vegetables just steps away from the Mediterranean home’s kitchen. In the center is a star-shaped bed that is as functional as it is stylish.