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Small Upgrades You Should Spoil Your Home

Your home, like life, is a series of evolutions and special moments. Tackle these mini projects yourself — and sometimes with help!  and you’ll create a space that’s truly your own.

1. Restyle your bookcase. Strip off those garish dust jackets, assemble an arsenal of pretty like-colored objets, and paint the back wall of the shelf a calm or glamazonian hue to make it all pop.

2. Wrap books in shimmery marbleized paper. Available at craft stores, it makes even the fluffiest beach read look smart.

3. Good lighting changes everything. This update doesn’t require an electrician: Mount a plug-in sconce to spotlight a painting or your nighttime reading.

4. Class up cabinets with knobs that wow you. You can swap out the pulls yourself in minutes.

5. Visual mishmash out, big beauty moment in! Take down all the pictures in a room and rehang them as one statement-making gallery wall.

6. Upgrade your shower nozzle. It’s not your water pressure, it’s your showerhead. Switch it out for Waterpik’s Torrent PowerSpray. It feels like a downpour. In the Maldives.

7. Paint the ceiling. A.k.a. the fifth wall. Blue is as calming as the sky, silver reflects light, jewel tones are bravely bold and just might work.

8. Add a little bling. Have your framer gild a lamp, table, or chair in gold leaf (or silver, or copper, or metallic hot pink).

9. Restock your linen closet. If you wouldn’t show your current bath towels and bed linens to your visiting mother-in-law, ditch ’em and start anew. You deserve better.

10. Contain your kitchen. Under-counter swing-out corner storage helps organize a clutter zone ideal for heavy, rarely used pots, or the collection of Tupperware we all inevitably amass. (Hardware Resources)

11. Invest in a great mattress. Something that gets to sleep with you for years should be worthy! Stearns & Foster’s Estate line is cashmere-wrapped for winter warmth and summer cool.

12. Make an opening statement. Buy house numbers with (ahem) character.

13. Find your crowning glory. Hire a contractor to add crown molding, a chair rail, or wainscoting to a room or two  it’s a one day job with artitectural pow.

14. Dress your windows. The Shade Store can install anything from ripple-fold curtains to wood blinds just 10 days after you order.

15. Add tassels and tiebacks. Or glam up what you’ve got with silken accessories  tassels, once a talisman against evil spirits, are timeless and touchable.

16. Paint your muntins black. Or order Marvin Windows and Doors’ powder-coated beauties, which can match any color.

17. When in doubt, go for linen curtains. Restoration Hardware’s Belgian linen is beloved, thanks to sustainably grown flax woven at Belgium’s oldest mill.

18. Switch up your switches. Screw on stylish new switch plates and you’ll lighten your mood every time you enter the room.

19. Revive a dated fireplace. Have the brick painted white, stack birch logs on the firebox floor, and purchase a hot new hearth-tool set.

20. Start fresh with new tableware. The Limoges porcelain set from Snowe includes 16 crisp pieces and will make you say “Ahhh” when you open your cabinet.

Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

1. Give your home some character and add texture to your walls with peel-and-stick wall panels.

2. Or create a charming accent wall with peel-and-stick paper that can be easily removed.

3. Upgrade your countertops to faux granite with a DIY paint kit instead of spending a fortune to replace it.

4. Reseal all those unsightly cracks in your tub and tile with caulking and make your bathroom look new again.

5. Update recess lighting without doing any electrical work with magnetic shades.

The Gallery Wall

The decor in the room should personally connect with residents. The happiness of the family is proportional to the surroundings. So, decorate your home with things that reflects the nature of the family. Through this article, I am going to share a few details on how to refurbish the wall decor.

First of all, identify the wall to be decorated. Make note of the physical parameters of the wall. Then go through the following steps.

Step 1: Look for Wall Decor items that are already in your home. They can be Family photos, Monogram letters, Wall Accents, Personal Art Works, Framed Mirrors, Three Dimensional Pictures. Personalize the space to the maximum extent. Take into account the preferences of the family members, the texture of the wall, Color of the wall. The decor pieces should match the surroundings.

  • Monogram letters and Cartoon themes are ideal for Kids Decor.
  • In the Living room, create a wall decor using Photo Frames, Mirrors, and Clocks.
  • For Bedroom wall decor, use personal Photos and Paintings that bears your signature.

Step 2: Arrange the following things.

  1. Butcher Paper (According to the measurements of the wall)
  2. Painter’s Tape
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors

Step 3: Look for a spacious room, where you can easily spread the butcher paper to work.

Step 4: To avoid unnecessary nails on the wall, draw a wall decor layout on the butcher paper. Accordingly, locate the decor things on the paper. Demarcate them using a pencil to prepare a template. Avoid Pens or Markers to avoid confusion.

Ideal Configuration: Place Large things away from the center and fill voids with small ones. That makes an excellent wall decor configuration.

Step 5: Cut templates and adhere them to the wall using the Painter’s Tape. Make sure that everything is going according to the drawn layout. Check the arrangement for any misconfiguration. If you feel it is looking good, then move to the further step. If you are not satisfied, then follow the fourth step.

Step 6: After finalizing the configuration, Templates should be replaced with respective décor pieces. Start this process carefully otherwise it creates a messy environment.

If you want to change the wall decor frequently, then search alternative for nails. Try to mix some functional items like Wall Storage Units and Clocks with the accent pieces to add value to the wall.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall:

  • Find a Piece You Love

To start your gallery wall, find at least one piece of artwork that you absolutely love. This is a great way to showcase a meaningful item that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else in your home.

  • Find Other Pieces That Coordinate – But Don’t Match

Once you have a few pieces assembled, look for other items to round out the display. As you’re shopping, remember that the items shouldn’t match exactly, but they should coordinate. Your pieces may all be muted pastels, or they may all be bright colors.

  • Variety Is Key

With a gallery wall, variety is crucial. You want a mixture of different types of artwork such as paintings, drawings, prints, and quotations. Mirrors are also a great way to add interest and draw attention, and you can even include items that aren’t traditionally considered art. If you can hang it on the wall, it can be part of the gallery.

  • More Is Better

There’s one common mistake many people make when creating a gallery wall: too few items. You may be scared to add more pieces to your wall, worried that the space will look cluttered. It’s actually more likely that you won’t have enough artwork, making the wall look awkward.

  • Arrange Before You Hang

You should never start hanging your pieces until you’re sure about the arrangement. You can lay out the gallery wall on the floor, trying different layouts until you find the one you love. Make sure you space everything similarly, and remember that it’s best to keep items fairly close together.

With a little practice, you’ll eventually find the perfect arrangement for your gallery wall, and it’s well worth the effort. After all, nothing feels more like home than a space you decorate yourself.

Standard Closets

Closets can be created with a number of materials. You’re very likely to get several sorts of closet in your residence. You need an organized room in order to have sufficient space to move about. You need to be sure that there is sufficient space left for you to prevent accidents while walking within your room especially in the middle of the night. You’re going to be in a position to have more space within your bedroom if it is possible to take out a few of your previous stuff.

With some Standard Closets, the room looks uncluttered, easy and refreshing. A little room cannot put restrictions on the vertical use of space. There will be enough room space for hanging clothes, shelf space and drawers.

Sliding doors are incredibly useful in saving space. In addition to the many styles and colors that are available in these closet doors, there are numerous shapes you can find to match your room settings. You can also go for framed closet doors.

Storage space may sometimes seem tough to find in a workplace. You need to figure out what ought to be inside this space. Obviously, you might want to provide priority-hanging space to work and distinctive occasion apparel to lessen the possibility of wrinkling them.

There are a number of other critical things which are quite important when choosing a closet. Every closet has a specific storage criterion. On the other hand, in the event the closet is a focal point, select your material and style carefully – allocating a bigger budget might worth it.

There are many ways closet organizers help to organize your closet. They will help you easily track down the ideal solution for your house’s closets. In the event, the closet isn’t located in a prime area of the house. Though various closets have various needs, closet organizers focus their attention on the most fundamental wardrobe storage problems. Wooden closet makes a residence appear cozy. A freely standing wardrobe closet is great for those who have a demand for additional storage space in the house.

Standard Closets provide efficient closet organizers that will help you easily track down the ideal solution for your house’s closets.

Top 3 Styles of Closets

  • Walk-In Closets

Offering more depth and space than a traditional reach-in closet, walk-ins are frequently found in master bedroom suites and loved for their versatility and storage opportunities. Walk-in closets can be a few square feet or as large as a bedroom. But while extra space for a dressing area or vanity comes in handy, you still need to give careful consideration to your closet’s design.

A walk-in closet can also include a center island that frees up storage space on your walls. “But the extra space won’t do you any good if you can’t get to what’s inside,” says architect Duo Dickinson, author of “Staying Put: Remodel Your House to Get the Home You Want“. A walk-in closet should be at least 6 1/2 feet wide for easy access.

Also keep in mind the corners and angles in a walk-in closet can be tricky and need to be utilized correctly for optimal storage capacity.

“The tendency when buying a closet from a builder is they run a hanging rod all the way around the closet, and that isn’t the best use of space,” says Kay Wade, vice president of design for Closet Factory. Instead, adding something flat on the back wall of the closet, like shoe shelves, can make the entire closet run more efficiently and feel larger and more open.

  • 10 Stylish Reach-In Closets
“Even having two small drawers can allow you to have your socks and undergarments right there, making getting ready in the morning so much faster,” says Nick Mangiapane, Rubbermaid representative.

A double-tiered hanging system for folded pants, skirts, jackets and other like items is the way to gain space in this kind of closet. And for reach-in closets with traditional hinged doors, you can increase storage by adding hooks or over door racks and pockets to the back of the door for things like keys and shoes.

Wardrobes and Armoires

Sometimes you need storage but you don’t have the proper closet space, and building a closet isn’t in your budget or complementary to the design of your home. A nice alternative, wardrobes and armoires create storage in underutilized spaces, creating a “closet” hidden behind doors or panels of fabric.

“We have seen the wardrobe is no longer storage only, it’s more a dressing room that sets the mood for the day ahead or the big party that night,” says Roar Vaernes, president and CEO of Studio Becker. “It’s important that your wardrobe includes features that not only organize your stuff, but items you will actually use.”

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