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Home Decor Improvements

Changing the clocks has got us thinking about what a difference one hour makes. We all know we would benefit from an extra hour of sleep, maybe another hour to run errands.

1. Install a new faucet and sink

Upgrade a tired bathroom by switching out the hardware. Before calling in a costly professional, find out just how quick and easy this home improvement.

2. Fill those empty walls

Nothing says “design in progress” like stark, empty walls. The right wall decor can make any room look put together and well arranged, and this decorating hack is the shortcut to get it done.

3. Set up a succulent terrarium

Bring your home to life in less than an hour. Don’t worry — even if you’re a certified black thumb, you won’t have any trouble keeping succulents in your home.

4. Hang a rope-wrapped porch swing

Upgrade a hanging porch swing or hammock chair, by wrapping that clunky metal chain in thick rope. This quick update won’t only improve your decor.

5. Earn the best owner award

All it takes is one hour to become your kitty’s favorite person, with this sweet cat window perch. It’s a fun home detail for you and a cozy lounging spot for your fur baby.

6. Add easy porch seating

Whether you’re looking for decor or function, this mini rustic bench can be built in 1 hour, and for just $8!

7. Put up cafe curtains in any room

Finding the right window treatment can be a challenge, and putting it up can be a pain. Instead, try this 1 hour window treatment hack, to add a little character to your home without too much stress.

8. Make some stylish bathroom storage

Attach an old wooden crate to your bathroom wall, and voila! You’ve got the perfect charming perch for extra TP rolls. With all that extra time, add more details if you’ve got ‘em, like a vintage license plate to close off your crate.

9. Build a blanket or towel ladder

You’ve been seeing these trendy storage ladders everywhere, but without a ladder of your own, you were out of luck.

10. Create a pretty jewelry organizer

Turn thrift store supplies into colorful storage, with this thrifty 1 hour upcycle for a double-duty DIY that holds your jewelry and looks fab doing it!

Home Decor

Even though you love your chairs, you may want to update them with new chair pads or dining chair cushions because they can add color, comfort, and style. Improvements has a wide variety of chair pads to select from, even faux leather chair pads and bar stool pads. You can purchase a complete set or mix and match your dining chair cushions to create the look and feel you want.

If you have kids, it may drive you nuts that they take their coats off and drop them on the floor instead of hanging them up. Make it easy for them by adding a coat rack, coat hook, or a coat stand right in your entryway! For instance, if you have a dog, you may be interested in our dog tails wall hook. It features a faux rust finish and is perfect for hanging jackets, towels, dog leashes, and more. The plaque has pre-drilled hanging holes, making it simple to hang.

 If you don’t have any, don’t worry. Improvements has unique and affordable entryway decor that will work for you. For instance, a lighted rose topiary tree will brighten up your space. It features 50 warm white LEDs that are spread throughout the branches, green leaves, and coral blooms. A timer option allows you to set the tree for 6 hrs. on/18 hrs. off each day.

Keep your entryway floors clean of debris and mud with a bronze star boot tray! You and your houseguests can kick off your shoes and place them in this sturdy entryway solution. It has a raised lip that will help contain dirt and mud from grimy footwear. You can also use the bronze start boot tray in your laundry room and mud rooms. It holds up to 3 pairs of adult boots or shoes.

If you want to update the look of your living room without spending a lot of money, cover your furniture with a beautiful new slipcover. We have a great selection to choose from, in hundreds of styles, colors and fabrics for most types of seating. You can choose microfiber, cotton, fleece, form-fitted slipcovers or casual covers that just lay over the sofa and can be removed by just pulling them off. Sofa slipcovers will keep your furniture protected from animal hair and messy guests and they’re easy to install.

You can never have too many new throw pillows & blankets! Our Trellis decorative throw pillow features a pretty lattice design and is available in 5 neutral stylish colors. Cozy up on your bed, chair, or couch!

Space for Your Tiny Kitchen

A small kitchen means limited space to cook, eat and entertain. While it can be easy to bombard your countertops with jars, baskets and containers, this is also quick to make your kitchen look messy and unorganized.

From vertical storage ideas to hidden organizers, these clever tips and tricks will keep your spices in a row and your clutter off the counter in ways you never imagined!

1. Vertical storage and chalkboard wall

Make the most of your small space by being smart with your storage. Hang pots and pans from a vertical pegboard or paint a wall in chalk paint for an easily accessible shopping list that won’t clutter your fridge.

2. Magnetic knife rack

Save countertop space by making a magnetic knife rack that hangs on your kitchen wall. All you need is a piece of wood and magnet strips for this kitchen hack!

3. Sliding wall baskets and caddies

If you have a habit of leaving cereal boxes or cooking supplies on the counter, add some rails with sliding baskets and caddies to keep your utensils and cooking ingredients handy.

4. Canned food organizer

Be creative with your storage by maximizing empty space that may be hiding. This sliding shelf on casters lives in the inches between the fridge and wall, and is perfect for holding canned foods and spices.

5. Window bar table

If your kitchen can’t fit a dining table or seating area, create your own café corner by building a window bar table.

6. Under the sink trash bags

Do you have limited space under your kitchen sink? This trash bag organizer is a game-changer. Mount curtain rods on brackets under your sink and hang your trash bags for easy access.

7. Hidden cabinet organizer

Clear the chaos from your fridge by making a custom organizer on the inside of your cabinet door. Clothespins, magnets and hooks on decorative paper will corral all of your bills, photos and gift certificates in one place.

8. DIY wine rack

For a cheap wine storage solution, make this DIY wine rack out of wood and bolts. A vertical wall wine rack will keep your bottles neatly stored, easily displayed and out of the way!

9. Rolling kitchen carts

If your tiny kitchen is lacking in countertop space, create your own place for chopping and stirring by adding a kitchen cart.

10. Glass jars attached to shelves

When you’re looking for extra storage areas, consider attaching jar lids under your cabinet shelves for a creative use of space.


A lot of the kitchens we feature on this site are dramatic and beautiful and well, huge. So today we’ve rounded up a selection of kitchens that are on the smaller side (some on the really small side) to inspire those of you who want a beautiful room for cooking, but don’t have infinite space.

  1. A sloped ceiling makes this small kitchen, in a Swedish apartment spotted on Decor Demon, especially sweet.
  2. A brick wall gives this little kitchen from Loving It a little extra character.
  3. A small, streamlined kitchen in a Swedish apartment from The Style Files.
  4. A lovely little kitchen from Estilos Deco.
  5. Tall ceilings make this kitchen (spotted on SF Girl by Bay) feel much more spacious.
  6. A little kitchen from House and Hold.
  7. A high-contrast small kitchen from Fantastic Frank.
  8. A sunny small kitchen from The Everygirl.
  9. From The Style Files, a German kitchen that’s small but beautifully bright.

Effective Home Improvement Ideas

1. Change out Incandescent Light Bulbs for LED Indoor Lamps

The United States government has mandated this change, but far too many homeowners cling to the use of energy sucking incandescent light bulbs. A recent study states that the average American household burns 47 light bulbs. By assuming the use of 60-watt incandescent light bulbs, the amount of energy saved by going LED is staggering.

2. Dual Flush Toilets are Better than OneSource:
The average American household that uses 47 light bulbs saves more than 80% in energy consumption. Forget the government. Do the right thing and replace incandescent light bulbs with LED indoor lamps.

3. Dimwits Don’t Use Light Dimmers

Light dimmers save more than 90 percent of light energy, which translates into a 10 percent reduction of your total energy bill. You simply set the dimmer to a level that meets your needs and watch the light automatically dim, after a certain period has elapsed. The less light that you use, the longer you enjoy the energy saving benefits of LED bulbs.

4. Automatically Shut Down Desktops and Laptops

How many times do you stop working on a laptop or desktop computer to do something else? Your smartphone rings a text or Federal Express comes knocking at the door. Whatever the case, you waste precious energy by leaving unattended computing devices running at full power. Laptop and desktop computers that include the “auto shut off” feature prevent you from wasting energy, while you tend to other matters.

5. Strip Down Electronic Device Power

Conventional power strips offer homeowners a convenient way to increase the number of electrical outlets. However, the convenience leads to careless energy usage, as the electronic devices remain plugged in most of time. Many electronic devices, such as plasma televisions and DVD players continue to use power after you turn off the machines.

6. Ceiling Fans Require Less Power

Air conditioners spoil us by producing a steady stream of cooler, drier air. However, far too many homeowners blast the AC from the first hint of spring to the last gasp of autumn. Air conditioners guzzle energy, especially in homes that leak in hot, humid air.

7. When Shower Drips are a Good Thing

We know that a dripping shower wastes water and hence, energy. A shower head that includes a drip features allows you reduce the flow of water, while you lather up with soap. The water reduction feature appears to save little in energy, but every bit counts in the effort to implement home improvement ideas to make it energy efficient.

8. Add a Layer of Heat Loss Protection

Sealing home windows airtight goes a long way toward saving energy. Advanced technology has taken airtight windows one step further by introducing smart blinds. Cellular and honeycomb blinds work in tandem with windows to reduce heat loss by up to 86%. Smart blinds operate on a timer switch that you set at night and an automatic daylight detector for daytime energy savings.

9. Second that Motion

We know about the security benefits of installing outdoor motion sensor based lighting. An added benefit helps you save energy and thus, lower your monthly utility bill. Motion sensor based lights automatically turn on, whenever the sensors detect movement.

10. From Dusk to Dawn Energy Savings

After hosting an outdoor bash, we sometimes forget to turn off the outdoor lighting. This act of forgetfulness adds up in higher energy consumption. Dusk to dawn LED light bulbs automatically turn off at a certain time to prevent energy waste. Of course, we have already discovered the energy saving benefits of LED bulbs.


Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

  • Plan your remodel.
  • Tackle one room at a time.
  • Small improvements can really pay off.
  • Clean your house now for profits later.
  • Curb appeal counts.


  • Upgrade the kitchen.
  • Beautify your bathroom.
  • Weigh the benefits of upgrading versus selling.

  • Hire a certified home inspector.

  • Pay down the principal on your loan.

Work With What You Already Have At Home

Sometimes it can seem as if designers want you to replace everything you have and start fresh with each design season. In reality, a lot of good home basics just need a little building up to go from acceptable to exceptional. Here are some ways to give your rooms an impressive update by working with what you already have.

1. Uninspiring moldings.

The rich detail that decorative molding adds to a home is getting ever more popular, but it can certainly be pricey, especially if you tear out existing trim and start fresh. If you have decent but drab molding in place, beef it up with additional strips. Add to the crown, baseboard or even door and window trim, then paint it the same color.

2. Slim modern sofas.

Modern “apartment” or starter sofas often have a low back, and if you have one, you may tire of not being able to really sink in it. Rather than tossing it, try tossing on oversize cushions. With a few layers in eye-catching colors and prints, you can build the back of your sofa into a plush place to unwind. At the same time, you’ll create a more personal look.

3. Short curtains.

Curtains from a package can be great for the budget, but they won’t necessarily be quite the right length to get that floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall designer effect. However, with a little sewing skill (or a relatively easy job for a professional seamstress), two curtain panels can be combined into one perfect-length set, with a custom color-block effect that nobody else will have.

4. Skinny or outdated lampshades.

Perfectly good lamp bases often get passed down as heirlooms (or simply hand-me-downs), but the shades end up being dusty and dated. Modernize a look with chunky cylindrical shades to give a table or floor lamp more oomph.

5. Teeny photos.

Small photos (especially keepsake photos from years gone by) may not be able to fill much more than a few pages in a scrapbook, but slip them into oversize frames with deep matting, and suddenly you have a full gallery collection with each image presented as a work of art. You can get creative and use darker papers to achieve different effects. The photos themselves don’t have to match in size or orientation because the oversize frames can go in any direction you wish. Or choose them all in one shape for clean consistency.

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