Living Space

Wood Ceilings Flow From Kitchen to Living Room

To make the kitchen and living room feel even more cohesive, the architects extended the wood ceiling across the two spaces. A low-level loveseat and four armchairs give the owners room to entertain, without distracting from their stunning surroundings.

Masculine Living Room Boasts Portraits of Famous Musicians

The portraits in this penthouse living room were found pieces by a local artist in Austin, Texas.

Classic Meets Contemporary Living Room

The transitional living room pairs contemporary and traditional furnishings for a warm, welcoming space. A Chesterfield sofa is flanked by classic end tables and highlighted by bold, abstract art and a Lucite coffee table.

Contemporary Dining Room With Modern Art

Dark floors and white walls show off the bold artwork in this dining room. The accessories—a glittery pendant light, even the greenery—are stylish punctuation.

Contemporary Living Room With Hanging Art

In this sleek apartment, the designers went for a slightly moody look with white walls and layered textures that help showcase the homeowners’ extensive art collection.

Chic and Welcoming Living Room is Transitional

Contemporary and traditional styles blend seamlessly in this transitional living room. Classic architectural details, like the crown molding and wainscoting are painting a soothing gray. A Chesterfield sofa combines with comfortable armchairs and a Lucite coffee table for a cozy seating area.

Sitting Area in Open Neutral Modern Living Space

Subtle variations in color and texture bring a striking cohesiveness to the sitting area in this bright, open living space. The decorative touches are minimal which allow the modern style to shine, as well as drawing attention to features like the exposed brick wall, painted beams and natural cork floor.

Colorful Study with Barn Door and Powder Room

The orange barn door adds a pop of color to the study entry. The bathroom off the study offers sparkle and color, defined as a Jewel Box. The Stachmo Sticks Jazz Glass in Red Hot Mamma From Artistic Tile makes a bold color statement.

Living Room With Sofas, Tall Windows and Exposed Beam Ceiling

This living room’s white sofas and chairs provide ample seating while tall windows and doors offer a great view outside. Exposed beams add character to the ceiling.

Modern Living Room with Stylish, Wood Furniture

The sleek, modern design continues into the living room, where a long, gray sofa and white chair provide seating and a stylish wood coffee table and simple, modern entertainment center add warmth.

Vertical Windows Bring Natural Light Into Modern Living Room

Vertical windows allow plenty of natural light to bathe the modern living room.

Spiral Staircase in Tiny Home

A wrought iron spiral staircase leads from the upstairs loft bedroom space down to the first floor entertaining space.

White Transitional Living Room With Orange Tulips

In this residence, the homeowner wanted a light, predominantly white space. The designer achieved that goal and made the space family-friendly by incorporating durable finishes and outdoor fabrics.

Marble Fireplace Surround in Modern Living Space

To create an elegant fireplace surround, two slabs of book matched marble were lined up for the perfect focal point in this design.

Sitting Area With Modern Chair and Hexagonal Shelf System

This sitting area features peach walls, a contemporary gray chair, a hexagonal shelf system, a gallery wall and a fluffy white area rug.

The Gallery Wall

The decor in the room should personally connect with residents. The happiness of the family is proportional to the surroundings. So, decorate your home with things that reflects the nature of the family. Through this article, I am going to share a few details on how to refurbish the wall decor.

First of all, identify the wall to be decorated. Make note of the physical parameters of the wall. Then go through the following steps.

Step 1: Look for Wall Decor items that are already in your home. They can be Family photos, Monogram letters, Wall Accents, Personal Art Works, Framed Mirrors, Three Dimensional Pictures. Personalize the space to the maximum extent. Take into account the preferences of the family members, the texture of the wall, Color of the wall. The decor pieces should match the surroundings.

  • Monogram letters and Cartoon themes are ideal for Kids Decor.
  • In the Living room, create a wall decor using Photo Frames, Mirrors, and Clocks.
  • For Bedroom wall decor, use personal Photos and Paintings that bears your signature.

Step 2: Arrange the following things.

  1. Butcher Paper (According to the measurements of the wall)
  2. Painter’s Tape
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors

Step 3: Look for a spacious room, where you can easily spread the butcher paper to work.

Step 4: To avoid unnecessary nails on the wall, draw a wall decor layout on the butcher paper. Accordingly, locate the decor things on the paper. Demarcate them using a pencil to prepare a template. Avoid Pens or Markers to avoid confusion.

Ideal Configuration: Place Large things away from the center and fill voids with small ones. That makes an excellent wall decor configuration.

Step 5: Cut templates and adhere them to the wall using the Painter’s Tape. Make sure that everything is going according to the drawn layout. Check the arrangement for any misconfiguration. If you feel it is looking good, then move to the further step. If you are not satisfied, then follow the fourth step.

Step 6: After finalizing the configuration, Templates should be replaced with respective décor pieces. Start this process carefully otherwise it creates a messy environment.

If you want to change the wall decor frequently, then search alternative for nails. Try to mix some functional items like Wall Storage Units and Clocks with the accent pieces to add value to the wall.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall:

  • Find a Piece You Love

To start your gallery wall, find at least one piece of artwork that you absolutely love. This is a great way to showcase a meaningful item that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else in your home.

  • Find Other Pieces That Coordinate – But Don’t Match

Once you have a few pieces assembled, look for other items to round out the display. As you’re shopping, remember that the items shouldn’t match exactly, but they should coordinate. Your pieces may all be muted pastels, or they may all be bright colors.

  • Variety Is Key

With a gallery wall, variety is crucial. You want a mixture of different types of artwork such as paintings, drawings, prints, and quotations. Mirrors are also a great way to add interest and draw attention, and you can even include items that aren’t traditionally considered art. If you can hang it on the wall, it can be part of the gallery.

  • More Is Better

There’s one common mistake many people make when creating a gallery wall: too few items. You may be scared to add more pieces to your wall, worried that the space will look cluttered. It’s actually more likely that you won’t have enough artwork, making the wall look awkward.

  • Arrange Before You Hang

You should never start hanging your pieces until you’re sure about the arrangement. You can lay out the gallery wall on the floor, trying different layouts until you find the one you love. Make sure you space everything similarly, and remember that it’s best to keep items fairly close together.

With a little practice, you’ll eventually find the perfect arrangement for your gallery wall, and it’s well worth the effort. After all, nothing feels more like home than a space you decorate yourself.

Best Colors to Pair With Pink

Garden Space

  • Garden and Deck With Umbrellas

The gardens have a rambling, wild feel, in keeping with the home’s casual nature. The cottage’s white fence and exterior make the vibrant colors leap out from the yard.

  • Cozy Garden Daybed

The large daybed hanging in this exquisite garden is an invitation for easy relaxation.

  • Sculpture in a Modern Garden with Water Feature

Three Sixty Design created fluid transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces for a client in suburban Denver, and the Colorado American Society of Landscape Architects gave it a 2014 honor award for residential design (over $100,000). The design makes the dream home a living work of art, with actual sculptures among a water feature in one portion of the 3-acre site.

  • Container Garden and Metal Chair

Large-scale pots with dramatic plantings provide color and structure throughout this home’s outdoor areas as well being low-water. Here, they’re seen on a patio outside the master bedroom.

  • Microgardening

Try a “Pick ‘n’ Pluck Salad Bar”: Loose leaf cut-and-come-again lettuce varieties can be planted as seeds or seedlings in a container for a quick pick salad. Choose salad ingredients with different leaf textures and colors for a vibrant and healthy salad, says Anne Gibson, who has coined the phrase “The Micro Gardener.” Alternate these around the container and when the lettuces have at least eight leaves, you can start harvesting as you rotate around the pot.

  • Natural Stone Water Fountain

A natural stone water feature brings tranquility and contemporary style to this fenced overlook with a valley view.

  • Gardens Under Glass

Learn about moss varieties to grow with Maria Colletti, author of Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass.

  • Old World-Inspired Garden and Pergola

When designing the outdoor space, it was realized the strong roof line detracted from look. A pergola structure is built along the garage and entrance to incorporate the roof into the space. Newly planted old-growth wisteria wraps around large reclaimed barnwood beams used as posts.

  • Thick Plant Life With Colorful Flowers Framing White Garden Gate and Entrance Arch

Thick, vivid plant life decorates the grounds hugging the white garden fence. The gate is covered with an open archway and thick, winding ivy. A large bed of yellow flowers draws the eye while red and pink blooms add a pop of extra color.

  • Cottage Garden Surrounds a Newly Remodeled Country Cottage

This 2,127 square foot cottage has a fantastically landscaped, luscious cottage garden. The entire home has been newly remodeled with warm, gentle tones, high pitched, open beam ceilings, skylights and French doors to let in plenty of natural light, a state of the art kitchen, a new roof, two new bathrooms, three bedrooms and nearly a quarter of an acre.

  • DIY Plant Wall on Small Patio

Going vertical is a smart way to display plants when you’re short on space. This DIY freestanding plant wall will also help create privacy as the plants grow.

  • A Formal Cottage Garden with Gazebo

Climbing pink roses spill over a wood gazebo in this formal cottage garden, framing the entryway towards the shingled home. A simple rope fence intersects the garden and defines the entry garden from the large expanse of lawn framed by silvery lavender Russian sage.

  • Urban Rooftop Garden with Purple Flowers

Purple flowers add to the scenery from a rooftop terrace garden in the city. The sleek containers match the style of the modern penthouse.

  • Formal Garden With Statues Outside Well-Lit Mansion

Outside a well-lit mansion, this formal garden includes well-manicured hedges and trees as well as a fountain that features a large statue as its centerpiece.

  • Backyard Raised Garden Beds

A quadrant of raised garden beds keeps fresh vegetables just steps away from the Mediterranean home’s kitchen. In the center is a star-shaped bed that is as functional as it is stylish.

Swimming Pool

  • Patio, Pool and Lake View

An infinity pool seems to spill directly into the lake, making this spot the place to be all weekend afternoons.

  • Contemporary Swimming Pool is Ideal Place to Relax

A simple concrete patio surrounds this contemporary swimming pool, and comfortable chaise lounges and sofas are perfect for relaxing poolside. Trees provide privacy around the backyard, while flowers add color and life.

  • Elegant Outdoor Living With Classic Pool

The stone pool terrace is lined with boxwood hedges to balance the soft textures of the trees and flowering shrubs. A custom timber beam pergola is anchored by stone piers and a low stone wall that defines the pool garden terrace space while framing expansive and captivating views of the property beyond.

  • Modern Pool Area With Exposed Beam Overhang

This stunning pool area features a concrete patio and white stucco overhang with exposed beams. Modern white chairs and a round metal table provide a small outdoor dining area.

  • Shipwrecked Swimming Pool Design

The boat installed next to the pool is real and made from an old wooden sailing ketch named SeaQuest. All 32 feet of the boat has been transformed into an entertaining space, complete with wet bar and sleeping quarters.

  • Cliff-Top Swimming Pool With Breathtaking Views

Surrounded by rustic stacked stone walls, this contemporary swimming pool has stunning views of Mykonos, Greece and the ocean beyond. Comfortable lounge chairs and daybeds provide the perfect place to relax.

  • Open Poolhouse With Mountain View

A large opening frames the view to the mountains from the arrival court at the main house. The poolhouse and pergola have one largely solid wall that lends privacy to the pool area with the exception of one large opening.

  • Home Exterior and Pool at Night

At night, the outdoor lounge and pool are transformed with back-lit panels and almost 40 LED lights highlighting the arches, columns and water features.

  • A Pool Playground For Everyone Features a Faux Rock Waterfall, Rope Swing, Water Slide, and Spa

Kids of all ages would delight in this amazing pool that mixes fire and water features, a rope swing, water slide, waterfall, and plenty of places to relax. Watch all the fun from comfortable lounge chairs on the pool deck, underwater stools at the cabana’s swim-up bar, or take it easy in the hot tub.

  • Luxury Pool at Night With Walkway

This private pool has the luxurious feel and striking design of a pool at a grand resort, with its unusual layout, floating paver walkways and infinity hot tub.

  • In-Ground Swimming Pool

The first step in closing an in-ground pool is to remove things like a diving board, rails, ladder or safety ropes. Remove the eyeball fitting from all return lines. Take time to vacuum the pool floor and clean the walls and any steps. Skim the water surface as well. You want your pool to get covered in as clean a condition as possible.

  • Grab a Cool Drink From the Bar While Lounging By the Pool

Entertaining is a breeze with a poolside bar. The plush cushions and tangerine color palate give this poolside retreat a fun, festive flair.

  • Pool With Waterfall and Tropical Landscaping

A wood deck extends out past the porch and right up to the edge of the pool. The pool itself has an unusual shape and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it feel like an exotic hidden watering hole.

  • Alluring Pool by the Sea

The pool blends with the sea here at the tip of a waterfront home, as seen on HGTV’s Amazing Water Homes. Not only do swimmers get a breathtaking view of the ocean from the pool, they also enjoy a nice breeze. Composed of glass and steel, the luxury South African home is ideal for entertaining and features a sleek, infinity-edge pool with easy access to the living areas and kitchen.

  • Poolside Lounging on Brownstone.

Natural brownstone coping along the pool’s play off of the natural tones that are used throughout the outdoor space and home.

Outdoor Space

  • Lights Illuminate Infinity-Edge Pool at Night

Recessed lighting and LEDs in the pool illuminate this outdoor space for use into the evening. An infinity-edge both complements the home’s modern design and showcases the natural beauty of the landscape.

  • Dining Bridge with View of Backyard Entertaining Space

A dining bridge connects the common and private wings of this modern home. From the interior of the dining space, guests and homeowners have a beautiful view of the pool and outdoor entertaining space to enjoy while they eat.

  • Glass Draws Connection Between the Front Yard and Courtyard

Designers wanted everything in this modern home to be connected, so they used glass throughout the design to create this synergy, drawing a line of sight from the front yard, into the home’s interior and into the courtyard space.

  • Retaining Wall Runs Through the Property to Support the Home’s Modern Facade

Throughout the property, a continuous, jogging retaining wall leads from outside to inside and embeds the structure below natural grade at the front with flush transitions at its rear facade.

  • White Home Exterior With Dormer Windows and Pear Tree Espalier

This attractive white home features well-manicured landscaping, upstairs dormer windows, and espaliered pear trees adorning the white brick wall leading to an enclosed entry area.

  • Chic, Welcoming Patio

Gray pavers ground this outdoor living space, while exposed beams bring in architectural charm. A comfortable sofa pairs with a sleek coffee table to create a cozy seating area.

  • Building Materials Show Home’s Public and Private Spaces

From the outside, designers wanted to delineate the public space from the private ones, so they used glass to allow transparency through the public spaces and a wood exterior to keep the private spaces private.

  • Staged Approach to Home Design

The architects took a staged approach to the home’s design. The front living room is a one story, gabled space, while the rear space is a two story space that houses the bedrooms. Connecting the two are a screened porch and other secondary spaces.

  • Home’s Modern Design Elegantly Combines the Natural and the Manmade

Designers wanted to incorporate the site’s dynamic landscape into the design of this home, so they created a meaningfully framed procession through the property with nuanced natural lighting throughout, creating a transitional space between the manmade and nature.

  • Stone Patio With Covered Area and Exposed Wooden Beams

This patio, accessed by three gray French doors, features a covered area with exposed wooden beams and a floor of large flagstones.

  • Roof Deck With Glass Railing

With views like these, every inch should be on display. Clear glass railings make sure that’s the case, giving the feeling that the roof deck is floating up with the clouds.

  • Modern Patio in Palm Springs

In Palm Springs, Calif., this outdoor living space is a retreat where the homeowners can enjoy the beautiful views. Hanging chairs are a comfortable spot, while a small hot tub is a perfect spot to relax.

  • Light, Airy Bohemian Gazebo Oasis

The homeowners wanted a light, airy retreat, so designers painted the space from the inside out, exchanging the gazebo’s previous dull color for the neutral tones that bring the design to life.

  • Black and White, Modern Backyard and Patio

Originally, the pergola in the backyard was light gray, but designers painted the piece black to add contrast in the outdoor space. To keep with the modern design of the house, designers used white, plastic oversized lounge chairs, an area rug and coffee table to give the space an indoor/outdoor look.

  • Welcoming Deck is Contemporary, Chic

Modern furniture, from the Eames chairs to the sleek white lounge chair, create comfortable spots to relax on the contemporary gray deck. A striped yellow umbrella adds a burst of color.

Baby Rooms

Designing a color scheme for your new nursery is a fun way to get ready for baby’s arrival. You’ll choose colors not only for your walls, but also for bed linens, rugs, window treatments and accessories to build a look that creates the perfect environment for your new addition while also reflecting your family’s decorating style.

Color brings personality to any room, and you want your baby’s bedroom to be nurturing as well as cheery. For colors, you can go soft or bright, or you can use a combination of the two. Neutral shades can create a nice backdrop for a non-gender-specific nursery that will have more staying power than pastel shades well into childhood as your baby grows. A room with neutral walls can be brightened by color in rugs, window treatments and accessories.

Oranges, blues, greens, purples and yellows are good choices for sunny colors, and earth tones work nicely for either a little girl or boy. A girl’s nursery with sage green walls and warm pink accents in curtains or an accent wall creates a pretty look that will last as your daughter enters grade school. Blue and green makes a great combination for a boy’s room.When pulling your look together, keep in mind that many designers advise against having more than five large areas of color. Too many wall colors can be distracting and cause visual tension. Also, too much red, such as red walls, can confuse a small baby, because their eyes see that color before others. The best colors for babies to wake up to are softer shades, such as blues, greens and pinks, because those colors develop at around the same time in a baby’s eye.

Beautiful Baby Rooms

  • For Girls: Pretty Stripes
Vintage prints and a color palette of green and pink create a truly sweet girl’s nursery.
  • For Girls: Pink and Chocolate Confection
As one of the trendiest color combinations, pink and chocolate are the perfect base for this elegant girl’s nursery. A crystal chandelier tops off the design, while alternating stripes anchor the space.

  • For Girls: Sweet Pink Palette
Looking to create a traditional girl’s nursery? Try a pink and white color palette combined with classic furnishings.

  • For Girls: Purple Whimsy
In this whimsical nursery, the homeowner complements a pastel palette with warm wood tones and white accents.

  • For Boys: Transitional Style
Designer Vern Yip uses transitional colors so the room will easily adapt as the child gets older. Teal and brown bedding is balanced by dividing the wall colors into broad stripes, and hot-air balloons hung from the ceiling provide extra stimulation.

  • For Boys: Contemporary Flair
Create a minimalist nursery with sleek, modern furnishings and simple window treatments.

  • For Boys: Mod Pad
Get creative with circles and stripes in bold colors. Not only are they visually interesting, but they also create a whimsical and inventive environment.

  • Gender-Neutral: Cottage Style
A combination of fabrics, including toile, polka dots and plaid, are used to create a cottage-inspired nursery for a boy or girl.

  • Gender-Neutral: Organic and Stylish
Designer Stephanie McWilliams creates a calming environment using all green products, including a solid wood crib, non-toxic paint and 100% organic accessories. The walls are painted green to represent growing and blue to add a calming effect.

  • Room for Two: Neutral Palette
A small space can still be transformed into a room for two with an elegant daybed and some smart space planning. The traditional crib and neutral palette also help to expand the room visually.

Flower Chandeliers In Dining Rooms

Sweet and Simple

Chelsea Costa at The Sweetest Occasions has the perfect beginner tutorial. A handful of supplies and some lovely Snapdragon flowers are all you need for this simple, yet elegant, piece. Pro tip: Your thread is what keeps the florals from falling into someone’s dinner plate, so make sure yours is sturdy!

A Little More Layers

For more texture, this DIY from Erica at Honestly WTF is the perfect pick. Similar to the Costa’s version, this chandelier doesn’t require many tools  just some hot glue and ribbon to secure your flowers. Because you use blooms of different heights and weights for this look, it’s important to evenly distribute the flowers by weight around the embroidery hoop so it hangs correctly. (Try a quilting hoop if you want an even bigger piece!) Finish it off with lace trim, and you have yourself a stunning arrangement.

Bringing the Drama

The hanging flower chandelier will definitely leave your guests speechless. This concept from We Are Scout has two levels and looks like it’s just floating in the air, thanks to fishing line. Again, it doesn’t require many supplies; this version uses a hula hoop as well as a wire hoop. Once you string both of them together, add greenery to the top and only florals to the bottom. This step-by-step is a bit more advanced but, come on, totally worth it.

Kid’s Rooms

Girls Room Ideas:

  • Colorful + Functional
Paired with white furniture, bedding and accessories, teal wall paint makes a chic splash in this cozy retreat. A wall-mounted flat screen TV is blended into a gallery wall for a design that’s both stylish and functional.

  • Wall of Memories
A net of interlocking ribbons attached to blank walls is a great way to display your favorite photos, postcards or other paper memorabilia. Plus, the art can be switched out at any time to suit changing moods, styles or tastes.

  • For the Bold, Eclectic Teen
From the bold purple color palette to the vintage pieces and fashion-inspired fabrics, everything in this room will transition well as a tween girl becomes a full-fledged teenager. To invest wisely with tween room updates, emphasize color and pattern instead of themes.

  • Fun Cottage Style
Packed with fun cottage style, this cheery bedroom features soft pastel walls, a mix of floral and gingham fabrics and a desk area that doubles as a makeup vanity.

  • Like a Dream
Bold patterns in this bohemian bedroom’s headboard, pillows and bedding mix seamlessly with a weathered stone accent wall and vintage stair step nightstand.
Designing a room for a teenage boy isn’t as difficult as it might seem. The key is knowing what his hobbies are and what he likes to do with his time. Involve your teen in the design process so you can come up with a cool design that you both like.
The color palettes feature mostly black, blue and brown, but we found some fresh interiors that have more vivid colors. We particularly like the themed rooms, such as the military/camouflage design. Sometimes all you really need is a little inspiration; once you find it, your project will come together quickly.
Boys Room Ideas:
  • Poster Focal Point
The large framed poster above the bed is the focal point of this teen’s bedroom, bringing in the only source of bold color. Design by Michael Moeller.

  • Play DJ
Music enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to customize standard Ikea furniture with these DJ-themed decals. Use the drawers to store a vinyl collection or just clothes. It’s cool either way.

  • Caddy Shack
Got a teen boy who’s always hitting the links? Designer Laura Bendik amped up the argyle here as a nod to the pasttime. Golf clubs mounted over the bed are also a fun accent.

  • A Headboard That’s Not Boring
Teens’ tastes are always changing, and what’s hot one day is so over the next. Luckily, decal headboards are an easy way to to change up the look of a room without spending a fortune to keep up with trends

  • License to Drive
There’s nothing more exciting for a teen than finally getting that driver’s license. Celebrate their newfound freedom with a wall decal of their favorite vintage car.

Decor Ideas For Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

Small Upgrades You Should Spoil Your Home

Your home, like life, is a series of evolutions and special moments. Tackle these mini projects yourself — and sometimes with help!  and you’ll create a space that’s truly your own.

1. Restyle your bookcase. Strip off those garish dust jackets, assemble an arsenal of pretty like-colored objets, and paint the back wall of the shelf a calm or glamazonian hue to make it all pop.

2. Wrap books in shimmery marbleized paper. Available at craft stores, it makes even the fluffiest beach read look smart.

3. Good lighting changes everything. This update doesn’t require an electrician: Mount a plug-in sconce to spotlight a painting or your nighttime reading.

4. Class up cabinets with knobs that wow you. You can swap out the pulls yourself in minutes.

5. Visual mishmash out, big beauty moment in! Take down all the pictures in a room and rehang them as one statement-making gallery wall.

6. Upgrade your shower nozzle. It’s not your water pressure, it’s your showerhead. Switch it out for Waterpik’s Torrent PowerSpray. It feels like a downpour. In the Maldives.

7. Paint the ceiling. A.k.a. the fifth wall. Blue is as calming as the sky, silver reflects light, jewel tones are bravely bold and just might work.

8. Add a little bling. Have your framer gild a lamp, table, or chair in gold leaf (or silver, or copper, or metallic hot pink).

9. Restock your linen closet. If you wouldn’t show your current bath towels and bed linens to your visiting mother-in-law, ditch ’em and start anew. You deserve better.

10. Contain your kitchen. Under-counter swing-out corner storage helps organize a clutter zone ideal for heavy, rarely used pots, or the collection of Tupperware we all inevitably amass. (Hardware Resources)

11. Invest in a great mattress. Something that gets to sleep with you for years should be worthy! Stearns & Foster’s Estate line is cashmere-wrapped for winter warmth and summer cool.

12. Make an opening statement. Buy house numbers with (ahem) character.

13. Find your crowning glory. Hire a contractor to add crown molding, a chair rail, or wainscoting to a room or two  it’s a one day job with artitectural pow.

14. Dress your windows. The Shade Store can install anything from ripple-fold curtains to wood blinds just 10 days after you order.

15. Add tassels and tiebacks. Or glam up what you’ve got with silken accessories  tassels, once a talisman against evil spirits, are timeless and touchable.

16. Paint your muntins black. Or order Marvin Windows and Doors’ powder-coated beauties, which can match any color.

17. When in doubt, go for linen curtains. Restoration Hardware’s Belgian linen is beloved, thanks to sustainably grown flax woven at Belgium’s oldest mill.

18. Switch up your switches. Screw on stylish new switch plates and you’ll lighten your mood every time you enter the room.

19. Revive a dated fireplace. Have the brick painted white, stack birch logs on the firebox floor, and purchase a hot new hearth-tool set.

20. Start fresh with new tableware. The Limoges porcelain set from Snowe includes 16 crisp pieces and will make you say “Ahhh” when you open your cabinet.

Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

1. Give your home some character and add texture to your walls with peel-and-stick wall panels.

2. Or create a charming accent wall with peel-and-stick paper that can be easily removed.

3. Upgrade your countertops to faux granite with a DIY paint kit instead of spending a fortune to replace it.

4. Reseal all those unsightly cracks in your tub and tile with caulking and make your bathroom look new again.

5. Update recess lighting without doing any electrical work with magnetic shades.